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Hiddenevil 26 March 2015 18:54

AmigaOne uA1 Booting Guru issue
Hi guys

I have a Micro Amiga One and for the last few days the machine keeps booting up with a Red guru error when it is first turned on. The machine will run the Kickstart and then the OS4 splash screen with appear, quickly replaced with a red guru software error. I'll press a mouse button and the machine will reboot and then boot in to workbench.

I'm relatively new to this system, my area is more with 68k Amiga's, so I'm looking for some advice. My first thoughts is that something in the "uboot" or kickstart has got currupt, causing the machine to crash when it's first booting.

Would reinstalling OS4.1 be a good start?


fitzsteve 26 March 2015 19:41

Sounds like Kickstart area of installation is corrupt. You should be able to restore it from your installation CD, or it might be safe just to install OS4.1 from scratch or restore your backup (assuming you kept a backup as we all should) ;)

I keep a zipped copy of DH0 on another partition and also on my PC/USB Pen. If I get a big issue then I can just format DH0 and extract the contents of the Zip back onto DH0. Note you need to boot from the CD to do this, you can't wipe the partition whilst files are in use.

Hiddenevil 29 March 2015 01:27

Cheers for the info, I'm still very new to using this rig and OS4. It's similair to the old Workbench, just as much as it is different. The Kickstart folder is one such thing I learned about only recently and no i've not been keeping a back up. But rest assured I will be from now on.

The guru error seems to have righted itself, I'm not sure exactly how. I tried copying the contents of the kickstart folder from my 4.1 cd but it resulted in breaking my workbench, it started coming up with ASL and USB error posts via the shell during boot up. So I had to boot from CD again and copy the original Kickstart folder back. Which seems to have sorted it. Even though, it was that Kickstart folder that the machine was crashing with...try figure that one out.

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