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PeterK 26 February 2012 21:33

TrueColor and OS 3.5 icons for ClassicWB & Scalos on WB 3.0/3.1
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Hi Bloodwych,
I've just tried out your excellent ADVSP package under WinUAE because mfilos wanted to know if he could use my icon.library together with it. I'm really impressed, ClassicWB seems to have a lot of interesting features which can make life much easier for owners of OS 3.0 systems. Your compilation gets the most out of these older Amigas, that's great.

The ADVSP v27 which I tested is still using the older Scalos 1.2d. On my own WinUAE installation with OS 3.9 I've the latest Scalos beta version which can be launched on a second screen as a possible alternative to the Workbench. Is there a good reason to keep up with this version of Scalos for ClassicWB ?

When I tried to set up my icon.library on ASVSP I had to replace some of the older files with those of a newer Scalos. But finally, there was not so much to change to let it display all types of icons and the best is that it needs no other files from OS 3.5+, just some public libraries and datatypes.

------ OS 3.0 is supported now ! -- Needs less than 512 kB of ChipMem for the icons ! ------ :p

If you would like to try it out, you only have to copy the files in the attached archive into your directory structure. And please tell me if it works. Thanks!

ClassicWB30Icons => all icons for ClassicWB on OS 3.0+ and Scalos 1.2d: :)
There is a new "information.module" (v3.1b) included, because the older WBInfo v2.9 caused some conflicts with the newicon.library emulation from Stephan Rupprecht :great . In the new icon information it's possible now to click onto the icon image in order to load the same icon into another tool like Iconian, for example. You also have to use Iconian to change the icon type from "tool" to "project" or else.

Also added are some other patches like PatchRAM which lets the RamDisk display the right amount of used mem instead of always showing "100% full". Other utilities are MemTrailer to avoid some of the memory trashings, MinStack as a replacement for StackAttack, TagLiFE for faster taglist routines and a script called "Enforcer" which can be used for debugging on WinUAE and will be supported by Segtracker, too. Have fun with ClassicWB!

The attachment comes with a new patch called FixScalos to cure all the problems which occured during the screenmode changes before. It should be launched with Run from the end of the startup-sequence. Scalos 1.2d has simply disabled the workbench.library function for updating icons which is called WorkbenchPrivate1(), so I've written an emulation to reactivate it. This should fix problems with IconMaster. Also included is a modified version 37.0 of the excellent AutoUpdateWB utility from Elena Novaretti :crazy and Massimo Tantignone :great

Btw, ClassicWB works pretty well with the 800*600 SuperPlus monitor driver from Ratte, at least on WinUAE.

Important: If you already have installed some iconobject files with v40+ on Scalos 1.2d then please downgrade to the included v39 files, because they cause less conflicts (no graphics corruption while dragging or crashes with icon frames) under Scalos 1.2d. In other words, use the complete package as it is with all files included. Higher version numbers don't mean to get better results here (look into Classes/Datatypes and Libs: for iconobject files). You will NOT lose any features under OS 3.1 !

If your system has only 512 kB ChipMem then it's important to add "ScreenMode" to the "include list" in the FBlit preferences or if you prefer you can run FBlit in exclude mode alternatively (read the docs).

The latest version of the icon.library (now with much faster internal PNG decoding) can be found here:

mfilos 26 February 2012 23:41

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PeterK rocked once more :)

This is a test from my own environment (A600) using 8 colors and the new icon.library + files from PeterK in my custom version of Bloodwych's ClassicWB Full.

Attachment 30643

Bloodwych 01 March 2012 01:37

Thanks for the info and the files PeterK. :great

Yes there were a few reasons I found that caused me to revert back from the latest Scalos beta to the older stable non-beta v1.2d. Can't remember all the issues, but it broke a few things and was in general slower on non-accelerated Amiga's.

I will make use of this however since you say it uses free libs and some of the beta Scalos files - probably add it as an install option in the future if it tests out ok. I'd imagine PNG icons are quite slow though on standard Amigas, but it is a nice option to have all icons displaying correctly.


Originally Posted by PeterK (Post 804199)
Hi Bloodwych,
If you want to avoid this then please rename or remove the following files:

No need to delete.

The Copper enable/disable script actually backs up your current Scalos.prefs file into those drawers, one for Copper enabled and one for Copper disabled. Therefore if you make sure the icons are frameless (Scalos Settings) for both Copper enabled and then disabled first, you won't have any problems with your icon files. Those files above would be replaced by the Copper enable/disable script.

Great work and thanks for your efforts! :D

PeterK 02 March 2012 05:45

New icon.library 46.4.227. More chipmem remains free when FBlit is dected.
Added a modified version of Stephan Rupprecht's CopyIcon to the programs. This makes it possible under WB 3.1 to copy only the images from any type of source icon (old, new, glow, png or os4) to one or more destinations without changing the tooltypes. Please, report any problems with CopyIcon here and send no emails to Stephan, because I am responsible for this WB 3.1 hack.


I'd imagine PNG icons are quite slow though on standard Amigas, but it is a nice option to have all icons displaying correctly.
Indeed, PNG icons are still very slow because atm they are decoded twice for each image by the png.datatype. Maybe, one day I will write a faster internal png decoder like that one which comes with the PowerIcons program from Elena Novaretti, but I can't say when this could happen.

Anyhow, you can gain much more speed from png icons by simply converting them into the OS 3.5 format with snapshot. That's all you need to do. Btw, don't use any filters for scaling with WinUAE if you want speed, just set the filter to "none".

mfilos 02 March 2012 08:14

Outstanding work as always Peter!!!
Going to give it a test today and report back :D

PeterK 02 March 2012 08:23

Hey, you're funny mfilos :crazy
First saying "outstanding work" and then admitting that you didn't test it yet :D

Never mind, but do you know an IconEdit replacement or an Icon-Information tool for WB 3.1 that can display OS 3.5 icons or does anybody else have something like this in his tool collection ??

A thread title like this would fit a little better:
"TrueColor and OS 3.5 icons for ClassicWB & Scalos on WB 3.1"
Thank you !

Attached is an alternative package with Scalos 40.23 files.
.... deleted ....

Thanks a lot to the mod ! :)

Removed: The alternative package is outdated now! Take the attachment from the first posting instead. The included v39 iconobject files are working better together with ClassicWB.

Bloodwych 03 March 2012 20:58

Not sure about the IconEdit replacement or an Icon-Information tool.

Thanks for putting this up, much appreciated. I'll have a play around next time I'm working on the ClassicWB packs, but for those who want to add support themselves then this thread is a great place to start. :great

PeterK 04 March 2012 00:33

Updated the CopyIcon tool from Stephan Rupprecht in both packages above.

Since the workbench.library v40 has no WorbenchControl() function as it is supported by OS 3.5+ I've set the default stacksize to a value of 8192 bytes. This change to the program should avoid random memory trashes under WB 3.1 caused by calling the missing function in workbench.library v40.

mfilos 04 March 2012 01:04

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LOL Peter, I said outstanding based on what you wrote :)

Anywayz... I tested tonight on my WinUAE clone environment the new Scalos files and I have 3 comments.

1. System is working just fine but some startup delay occur with some setup messages from new Scalos version like the one below...

Attachment 30690

2. After Scalos last message, but I get a window declaring that 4 pens missing. I switched back to 8color screenmode and the 8color palette in Scalos but I still get this message.

Attachment 30688

3. What on earth is that status bar in the lower part of every window? I think it showed some stuff (like total files etc) but when I changed the font it stopped displaying the info. Is there a possibility to remove this or it's in the options of the Prefs file that you couldn't find Peter?

4. Some changes on right clicking occur (like selecting a rectangle area) and change of Title on the right click menu but I guess these are based on the new version features.

Attachment 30689

Overall it seems really nice, but I don't think I'll put it in the real Amiga for now.

The new icon.library works just fine thought mate. It seem that the Chip RAM is staying put for long LOL.

PeterK 04 March 2012 01:24

Hi mfilos,

regarding 1, 2 and 3, yes confirmed, but as I already said before...

... I cannot set up all the new features in the preferences because I don't have the Scalos.prefs programs ...
Concerning 2, with 16 colors I can just ignore this message about the missing pens, it works despite of this warning, but maybe not with 8 colors ? I didn't try that. I'm using 256 colors on WinUAE, of course. ;)

Concerning the ChipMem, it seems to be sufficient for millions of icons with Scalos 40.23, much better than with Scalos v39. :great

mfilos 04 March 2012 02:36

Sadly the last full version I can find from that era is 1.4 (40.31).
You can check it out to see if it reacts the same way as 40.23 (but with the prefs).
I uploaded it on my Dropbox so you can download it here mate: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/939939/Scalo...2840.31%29.lha

PeterK 04 March 2012 04:03

Thank you mfilos,
but I've already tested with Scalos 1.4b v40.29. It could even work if you move completely to the 1.4 release, but then it won't have anything to do with Bloodwych's ClassicWB anymore. My hope is that there might be an older release between 1.2d and 1.3w v40.23 which comes with the main Scalos preferences program.

Do you have these files ?

Bloodwych 04 March 2012 12:44

You guys are running into issues I've seen in the past. I did attempt a full upgrade to the latest Scalos to see how it ran, replacing all files with the beta ones, but ran into issues as I'd mentioned earlier and reduced performance on standard Amiga's. After weighing up the options, I decided to stick with 1.2d.

I will revisit this however next time I play with the ClassicWB, as it would a nice upgrade.

I don't have those files PeterK. :(

mfilos 04 March 2012 19:44

Bloodwych my friend, noone said you don't know your shiz :P
Apparently your packs are made for a variety of systems so you certainly made the right choice sticking with the 1.2 Scalos that is rock stable :)

We're just trying to check out if we can buff a bit our Scalos environment. You know how much I like tinkering systems anywayz.

Btw I emailed Scalos dev team and a friendly guy (J├╝rgen) replied me with the following:

Hallo Marios,

sorry, but I failed to find a 40.23 archive here. The oldest available archive in your requested range is 40.28.
Due to several CVS/SVN moves I'm also not able to rebuild such an old version from the sources.

This is the oldest version we can use 40.28 which I uploaded on my Dropbox.
PeterK do your magic lol


Bloodwych 04 March 2012 21:36

...and I'm really pleased guys such as yourself tinker! :great

Anything that can add to improving peoples Workbenches is good news.

PeterK 13 March 2012 18:24

The attachment in the first posting of this thread has been updated again. See above...

Bloodwych 13 March 2012 19:13

Wow, pretty awesome work PeterK!!! :great

I can see another enable/disable/install option being added to the ClassicWB packs very soon! :D

PeterK 17 March 2012 10:25

Update 5 can be downloaded from the first posting now.

PeterK 19 March 2012 04:49

Update 6 with a new FixScalos can be downloaded from the first posting now. The screenmode changes seem to work correctly now. No wrong colors anymore :)

If nobody reports any problems here then my job is finished, now. Have fun with ClassicWB. :cool

mfilos 19 March 2012 15:43

Will give it a spin the following days Peter mate! Thanks for your fast response :)

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