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CodyJarrett 29 June 2002 11:58

Database Of Unreleased Amiga Games
Here's the beginning of a database of games which weren't released on the Amiga e.g. non-existent ones, falsely advertised ones, existing but unreleased, later released under another name. Additions and corrections welcome!

Name Developer Publisher Genre Sightings Notes
3D Snooker [Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker] (Archer Maclean-Virgin=Sport) AP1, P12 / Released as Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
3D Speedball-type game (Steven Norcott-Core=?) AP1, P16 / From author of Driller and Darkside on the Amiga
Adidas Championship Football (?-?=?) Issue 9 or 10 of Amiga Joker
Aggression AGA (Bloodhouse-?=Horizontal shoot-'em-up) CU Amiga Apr-94, P42
Agression CD32 (Bloodhouse-?=Horizontal shoot-'em-up) CU Amiga Apr-94, P42
Air Duel (Glyn Williams-MicroProse=3D shoot-'em-up) AP1, P16 / From author of Warhead
Ambermoon (English) (?-Thalion=RPG) / Only released in Germany at the time
Apidya 2 (Kaiko-?=?) Apidya titlescreen - there is a '2' in the title / This is a joke by Kaiko
Arcade Sports [Kingpin] (?-Team 17=Sport) Team 17 catalogue in Alien Breed 3D 2 / Released as Kingpin
Arcade Sports CD32 [Kingpin] (?-Team 17=Sport) Team 17 catalogue in Alien Breed 3D 2 / Released as Kingpin
Battletech 2: Crescent Hawk's Revenge (?-Activision=?)
Benjamin And The Alien Incident (Bloodhouse-?=Point-and-click adventure) CU Amiga Apr-94, P42
Bob (Electronic Arts-Bullfrog=Action strategy) AP2, P69 / Bullfrog working title (easy to type on a keyboard). Used as name for Syndicate. Also see Higher Functions.
Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed (?-SSI=?)
Captive Missions Disk (Tony Crowther-?=?) AP0, P29
Carrier Strike: South Pacific 1942-1944 (SSI-U.S. Gold=?)
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat (?-Electronic Arts=Simulation)
Creation (Bullfrog=Simulation) AP2, P70
Creepers (?-Psygnosis=?) Advertised AP23, P99
Crusaders Of The Dark Savant (?-U.S. Gold=RPG) U.S. Gold catalogue in Raving Mad Compilation
CyberFight (Michael Powell-?=Beat-'em-up) AP1, P12 / From author of Powerdrome. Written for PC first - possibly available on it
Cyberspace (?-Oxford Digital-Empire=?) AP23, P21
Damocles 2: Double Trouble (?-Novagen=?) AP1, P12 / Mercenary 3? Had a bad guy called K.C. Kim - Mercenary 3's bad guy was P.C. Bil
Dracula CD32 (Psygnosis=?)
Drop Soldier (Ross Goodley-Image Works=?) AP0, P29
Exterminator 2 (?-Audiogenic=Shoot-'em-up) AP1, P12
Extractors CD32 (?-Millennium=Puzzle)
Extractors CD32 (Beta) (?-?=?)
F.A. Premier League Football, The (?-Ocean=Sport) Sleepwalker AGA - advert in box
F-15 Strike Eagle (?-Microprose=?)
Fatal Strokes: The Art Of Adventure (?-ICE=?) AP19, P92
Free D.C.! (?-U.S. Gold=Adventure) U.S. Gold catalogue in Raving Mad Compilation
G2 (?-Psygnosis=?)
Higher Functions (Electronic Arts-Bullfrog=Action strategy) AP2, P69 / Working title for Syndicate. Also see Bob
Inferno CD32 (Ocean-Digital Image Design=3D shoot-'em-up) AF Annual 94, P56) / Follow-up to Epic
Jones In The Fast Lane (?-Sierra=?)
King Of Thieves AGA (?-Team 17=Action strategy) Team 17 catalogue in Alien Breed 3D 2
King Of Thieves CD32 (?-Team 17=Action strategy) Team 17 catalogue in Alien Breed 3D 2
Land Of Legends (?-Micro Illusions / Parsec Soft Systems=?)
Links Course: Barton Creek (?-U.S. Gold=Data disk) / Probably unreleased because first course disk, Firestone, wasn't successful
Links Course: Troon North (?-U.S. Gold=Data disk) / Probably unreleased because first course disk, Firestone, wasn't successful
Links Course: Bay Hill Club (?-U.S. Gold=Data disk) / Probably unreleased because first course disk, Firestone, wasn't successful
Links Course: Bountiful Municipal (?-U.S. Gold=Data disk) / Probably unreleased because first course disk, Firestone, wasn't successful
Links Course: Hyatt Dorado (?-U.S. Gold=Data disk) / Probably unreleased because first course disk, Firestone, wasn't successful
Links Course: Pinehurst (?-U.S. Gold=Data disk) / Probably unreleased because first course disk, Firestone, wasn't successful
Magic Candle 1 (?-Mindcraft=?)
Magic Candle 2 (?-Mindcraft=?)
Magic Carpet (Bullfrog)
Martian Memorandum: Tex Murphy 2 (?-US Gold=?)
Powerslide (reLINE-?=Racing shoot-'em-up) Legend Of Faerghail manual - "Coming soon from reLINE"
Prophecy Of The Shadow (?-U.S. Gold=?) U.S. Gold catalogue in Raving Mad Compilation
Pussies Galore (?-Team 17=Platform) ATR manual - advert
Putty Squad (?-?=?)
Quarterstaff (?-Infocom=?)
Rotator (reLINE-?=Shoot-'em-up) Legend Of Faerghail manual - "Coming soon from reLINE"
Scavenger (John Phillips-Hewson=?) AP1, P10 / Featured realistic shadows
Sibwing [Guardian] (Acid-?=3D shoot-'em-up) CU Amiga Apr-94, P35 / Original Guardian name (Mark Sibly+SNES Starwing=Sibwing)
Skeltor (?-Novagen=Shoot-'em-up) AP1, P11
Son Of Zeus - Amiga Action - disk 28 (?-Aeon Design-Electronic Zoo=?)
Sorcerian (?-Sierra=?)
Spodland (The Hidden-?=?)
Starship Troopers-style game (Ross Goodley-?=Action strategy) AP issue 0, page 29
Strike Command (?-Millennium=?) Moonshine Racers manual - coming soon
Superhero (?-Psygnosis=?) Advertised AP23, P15
Tentacle (?-Millennium=?) Moonshine Racers manual - coming soon
TFX AGA (?-Ocean=Simulation) Not released at time. Later released on CU Amiga
Untitled Team 17 Game 1 (?-Team 17=3D Strategy) Team 17 catalogue in Alien Breed 3D 2
Untitled Team 17 Game 1 CD32 (?-Team 17=3D Strategy) Team 17 catalogue in Alien Breed 3D 2
Utopos (Bloodhouse-?=Strategy / arcade) CU Amiga Apr-94, P42
Western Front: The Liberation Of Europe 1944-45 (SSI-U.S. Gold=?)
X-Fighter CD32 (?-Thalion=Beat-'em-up)

Tim Janssen 19 March 2003 14:50

Some previews I have on paper...
Here is a list of previews (including pics) I currently can come up with and which I have in several mags:
- Chucky's World by Orange Soft (CU Amiga)
- Son of Zeus (CU Amiga)
- Novastorm/Scavenger (CU Amiga)
- Hardcore (CU Amiga)
- Space Academy (CU Amiga)
- Chess 2000 (Amiga Format)
- RamRod (Zzap! & CU Amiga)
- adventure game by Bloodhouse (CU Amiga)
- adventure game by Flair featuring a blonde prehistoric woman (CU Amiga)
- Cyberspace (CU Amiga)
- Superhero (CU Amiga & Amiga Joker)
- Funsoft Inc by Kaiko (Amiga Joker)
- Orc (Amiga Joker)
- El Fish (Amiga Joker)
- Space Checkers (CU Amiga)
- Sahara by Software 2000 (Amiga Joker)
- Survival(?) by Kompart UK (CU Amiga)
- The Legacy by Microprose (CU Amiga)
- Shenanoah by Vision (CU Amiga)
- Diggers 2 (CU Amiga)
- Mr Magoo (CU Amiga)
- Troll Island (CU Amiga)
- Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (CU Amiga) - No pic available
- Silver Surfer (CU Amiga) - No pic available

If anyone is interested in scanned previews of Amiga games that weren't published, you can PM me.

Mache 19 March 2003 20:46

SWORD OF SODAN 2 had been announced, but it wasn't released, either. Unfortunately, I can't find the link to the article right now. I will post it when I find it... :)

Overdoc 19 March 2003 21:29

Ok, another 2 I remember ( have seen Screenshots in some issue of Powerplay mag ):

Hostile Breed
Son Shu Si

the wolf 28 March 2003 15:13

For the database...
Here’s my definitive list of previews and never published games taken after a full reading immersion on an Italian magazine called “The Games Machine”, from year 1988 to year 1994.
I guess they are ALL unreleased!

All of these games have at least one or more screenshots, so when (if) you HOL guys are interested in, tell me something, I can scan the pages (remind me resolutions and formats, please!).

Title (Game team or Publisher company) + Year

Arsenal F.C. (Thalamus) 1992
Beastmaster (Thalamus)
Blazing Barrels (Firebird) 1988/89
Blood Cross (Tecnoart) 1992/93
Blues Brothers 2 – Jukebox Adventure (Titus) 1993
Constructor (System 3) 1992
Crimetown Depths (Imageworks) 1988
Dark Chamber (Magic Bytes) 1989
DDT – Dynamic Debugger (Mirrorsoft) 1989
Dino Worlds (Millennium) 1993
Dragon Kingdom (Genias)
Dragonslayer (Linel) 1988
Dream Things (Tecnoart) 1992/93
Duster (Mirrorsoft) 1991
East Vs West (Rainbow Arts) 1990
Eastward Base (?) 1993/94
Evolution (U.S.Gold) 1993
Fatal Strokes (ICE) 1992
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (System 3) No pic 1992
Fightin Cancer, Deux, Agricola (3 games nevere released made by some italian guys) 1993
Firestorm (provisory title) (WJS design) 1990
Galactic: the vision game (Stavros Fasoulas) - The main sprite is not like Santa! 1992
Golden Boot (Ocean) 1989/90
Guy Spy 2 - Terror of the Deep (Readysoft) 1993
Hardcore (Digital Illusion / Psygnosis) 1993/94
HellWind (Proxima) 1993
Herakles (Gainstar) 1990
Hero by night (Azeroth Software) 1993
Hi-blaster (Proxxima) 1992/93
Hostile Breed (Palace) 1992
Impossible World (?) 1992
Impulse (Prestige) 1992/93
Kaiden Garth (EAS) 1989
King of Thieves (Team 17) 1994
King’s Ransom (Readysoft) 1993
Kwanzah (Micromania) 1993
Land of Genesis (Naps) 1994
Light Quest (Ubisoft) 1992
Liquid Kid (Ocean) 1992
Magic Land (Tecnoart) 1992/93
Malfunction (Digital Illusion) 1993
Mule 2 (Infernal Byte)
Myra the Legend (Grandslam) 1992
Nobby The Aardwark (Thalamus) 1992
Orion Belt (Ocean) 1989
Out Run Europa (U.S.Gold, completely different gfx!) 1989
Outlander (Mindscape) 1992
P.I.D. (Terramarque, Stavros Fasoulas) 1994
Pandemonium (Gremlin) 1992
Prehistorik 2 (Titus) 1993
Prototype (Genias) 1991
Qin (Infogrames) 1988/89
Ragnarok (Imagitec Design/Mirage) 1992
Raiden (U.S. Gold) 1993
Realms of Darkness (Grandslam) 1992/93
Red 41 The Silent Death (?) 1993
RGB (Tecnoart) 1992/93
Robogun (Tecnoart) 1992/93
Rodland 2 – Pop’n’magic No pic
Rollerbabes (Cinemaware) 1991
Rolo to the rescue (Vectordean) 1993
Rookies (Virgin) 1992
Rotator (Reline)
Scavenger (Hewson) 1990
Seventh Sword of Mendor (Grandslam) 1993
Siege on London (CRL / Actual Screenshot) 1988
Snow Bros (Ocean) 1992
Solaria (Linel) 1988
Son of Zeus (electronic Zoo) 1991
Sonic the Hedgehog (Us Gold) 1991
Street Warriors (Thalamus) 1993
Summer Challenge (Accolade) No pic 1992
Super Barbarian (Palace) 1992
Super Hero (Tiertex / Psygnosis) 1992
Suzerain (Mirrorsoft) 1991
Tensai (Gremlin) 1993
The Chariot Game (Psygnosis) 1989
The Q8 Team Ford Rally Simulation (Thalamus) 1990
The Search For Sharla (Thalamus) 1989/90
The Temple of Flying Soucers (Infogrames) 1988/89
Top Company (Naps) 1994
Tracker (Rainbird/Telecomsoft) 1988/89
Transputor (?) 1989
Turbo Charge (System 3) 1991/92
Usa Racing (Lightshock) 1993
Vauz (Hurican / Software Business) 1990
Vendetta (System 3) 1990
Warriors of Darkness (Starbyte)
Winter Camp (Thalamus) 1992
Winter Challenge (Accolade) 1992
Witchcraft (provisory title) (WJS design) 1990
World Class Soccer (Audiogenic) 1992

fredflint 14 June 2003 17:01

1 Attachment(s)
Hi guys, This is my first post to this forum, so be nice :) hehe.

anyway I was wondering if anybody knows if the game Nobby the Aardvark by Thalamus was ever released. Im pretty sure it was unreleased as I can't find information about it anywhere except in Amiga Action.

It was a platform game and was featured in the Blue Print section of Amiga Action Issue 36, page 54.

The game looked crap, but I've never played a game with an aardvark as its hero, hehe

derSammler 14 June 2003 19:41

Another unreleased one:

The Game Machine

fredflint 15 June 2003 17:07

1 Attachment(s)
Esairs XII

page 26-27 the pages are about Arcane and their latest games, in particular Turbo Trax

it makes mention of this game with screenshot and another game The Supreme Warriors (this I
dont think went anywhere though)
The Supreme Warriors, a game designed by Kevin Williams (see text), is slated for development next year by Arcane.
Designed to look very Japanese in style - that is, like a Capcom arcade game -- the design
for warriors looks like a stormer. Remember where you saw this early design map first
(there is a sketch above this text)

This was in the May 1994 Issue of The One

fredflint 15 June 2003 17:09

1 Attachment(s)
Rocket Rescue
Page 16
December 1993 Issue of the One

the full article is in the zone along with the other games I mentioned.

fredflint 15 June 2003 17:10

1 Attachment(s)
was previously in development by gremlin graphics in 92.
set to release spring 93

the game casts you as a mighty wizard, hungry for domination over the planet orm.
its a contest between two villiages, the occupants of which have been turned into mindless zombies and will do whatever their master bids. Basically capture the flag full screen isometric

page 37 The One april 93

fredflint 15 June 2003 17:12

1 Attachment(s)
Strike II

shown on page 8 of Amiga Action Issue 23.
see zip file in the zone for more info

fredflint 15 June 2003 17:13

1 Attachment(s)
And finanlly
along with Dark Sun
Amiga Action
Issue 35 page 10

as I mentioned earlier, I don't see this game even being started for the amiga, these screen look like a PC screenshot

7-Zark-7 17 June 2003 18:02

Just another unreleased title springs to mind.
Ramrod-Gremlin. I think February 1990 Zzap!64/Amiga had preview shots of it alongside Venus the Flytrap,(subsequetly released later on). There were some later shots of Ramrod in Zzap, I just can't recall when,(again in the previews section).

Tim Janssen 18 June 2003 09:23

Ramrod in Zzap
I think a picture of RamRod can be found in the previews section in Zzap! issue 72, April 1991 (the one with Back to the Future 3-setting on the cover).

I also know a screenshot of an RPG called Tennabrae/Tennebrea which appeared in Amiga Format in 1992.
The strangest game I anticipated was Chuckie's World, previewed in CU Amiga in September(?) 1992. This platform game starred Chuckie, a cute hero with a rotund face which starred in many PD-animations. Apart from the preview I've never read anything about it since.
Flair Software announced in 1993 an adventure game called Amazon or something similar starring a female heroin in bikini. It looked like a Monkey Island-beater but it also has disappeared in the mists of time.

fredflint 20 June 2003 16:08

Hello all,

Here is a list of games I suspect are unreleased, some I think have been mentioned in other threads, but they do not appear in HOL.

Different Pre Release Names but were released.
Death Mask was known as Deathmasque - source The One(may have been a name The One Imposed)
Fightin Spirit was known as Perpetual Craze also the company is listed as Dynamic Style - source The One April 94 page 39
Brutal Sports Football has a working title of Beast Ball - Source The One April 1993 page 36

Suspected Unreleased Games
Breach 3 - Impressions - Previewed Feburary 1994 The One page 40

Chess Through the Ages - Black Legend - Previewed June 1995 The One page 28
- Cool looking Chess Game, with different background styles
- Initiated April 1993
- set to be released June 1995
- This may have been released and I think its been mentioned before.

Chinto's Revenge - Millenium - Previewed in Amiga Power Issue 4 page 57
- Very Japanese cartoon adv. Guide the unfeasibly large sprite of Chinto into an evil

Cyberwar - Sales Curve Interactive - Previeed September 1994 Issue of the One page 30
- It was Initiated December 1993
- Set to be released November 1994
- Did it ever happen?

Dark Blade - D.E.X - Previewed in The One January 1994 page 43
- bike racing game
- mentioned in another thread, dont think its in HOL yet though

Discworld - Previwed in the September 1993 Issue of the One page 14
- Doubt much work was done though

Embassy Siege - Gremlin - Previewed in The One January 1994 page 48
- set to be released Winter 1994
- loosley based on the Flag engine (mentioned earlier)

Saurus - Cryo - Previewed in The One January 1994 page 49
- This was cd32 I think

Air Rescue - Thalion - Previewed in The One January 1994 page 49

Evasive Action - Mindscape - Previewed in The One January 1994 page 49
- Set to be released Early 1994 for cd32 and 1200
- This was a 3d game
- mentioned in another thread, but not in HOL

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - System 3 - Mentioned in the One October 1993 page16

Front Lines - Impressions - Previewed June 1995 The One page 36
- This was a war game. I think it was Hexagonal.
- Initiated November 1994
- Set to be released July 1995
- developers complained that this was proving difficult to convert across becasue the PC version used Virtual Memory

Kult of Speed - Electronic Arts - Previewed in The One April 1994 Page 32
- Initiated October 1993
- Set to be released June 1994
- racing game

Nascar - Distinctive Software - Previewed in the September 1993 Issue of the One page 15
- Based on the North American sports car championship and co-designed by top driver
- Bill Elliot and the Distinctve Software team, Nascar will attempt to recreate
the thrills and spills of high speed racing action.
Was to be released at 14.99 pounds
- Note: This game may have been released under a new name. I don't think its Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge

P.I.D. - Private Investigator Dollarally - Terramarque - Previewed in The One June 1994 page 15
- Initiated Januaray 1993
- Like APB

Rally - Europress - Previewed November 1993 the One page 36
- a nice looking 3d racing game (may have been aga only)
- Initiated January 1993
- Set to be released November 1993

Thunder in Paradise - Rumoured in The One March 1994 page12
- based on the hulk hogan series
- I doubt anything was actually started though.

Space Academy - Stellar Genesis Agency - Previewed in The One June 1994 page 15
- ismetric adventure similar to d-generation
- mentioned in another thread but not in Hol

Space Checkers - Black Legend - Previewed in the One June 1994 page 47

Switchworld - Black Legend - Previewed June 1995 The One Page 26
- This was a first person shooter AGA only. Very simlar to Wolfensten 3d (only better :))
- Initiated March 1995
- Set to be released June 1995
- My Amiga Games history from Late 1995 onwards is very sketchy, so this game may have been

The Big End - Supervision - Previewed September 1994 The One page 40
- This was a top down (sort of Isometric) racing game.
- This may have been a pre releas name.
- Initiated: September 1993
- Set to be released October 1994

The Gadget Twins - Mirage - Previeed in the October 1992 Issue of the One page 122
- A Flying game (horzontal) Where you hit things with a hammer, cartoon graphics.

Games I believe were released.
Creepers - Psygnosis
- I know this game has been mentioned before, But I believe this game was released
because in the Feburary 1993 Issue of the One on Page 24, this game was offered as a competition.

BTW, what would be the best method to upload the scans, via The Zone or via Ftp.:)

Akira 17 September 2003 00:26

OK, this is an extract of a post in the HOL area. It contains many lists with unreleased game and infos.

This will be our starting point forwork, anybody who has ANY KIND of information on these games, please contact us through this forum or at agtw@abime.net


Tim Janssen 17 September 2003 10:14

I can scan in these (p)reviews
I can scan in all games mentioned in this list:

I have an issue of Amiga Joker (May 1993 I think) which has a full page review of Psygnosis' Creepers.

Breach 3, Rally & Space Checkers
These games were also previewed in CU Amiga.

Space Academy
The game was featured in a Work In Progress-series which ran in CU Amiga from June 1994 till September 1994 - I think (making it a total of at least 8 pages of information!). I don't know if the series also continued from October 1994 on because I am missing these issues.

And here are some 'new' previews I found in my Amiga magazines pile:

An adventure, Monkey Island-style by Flair Software, 1993. The main sprite is a scantilly-clad blonde in a jungle (no, it's not Vixen or Entity ;)). The game was previewed in November 1993.

A strategic management game by Kompart UK which first would be published on PC and then on Amiga. Also previewed in November 1993.

Miracle Bat
A platform game featuring a sprite resembling very much a hedgehog. This could have been the Amiga mascot! Publisher unknown. Previewed in 1993 in Amiga Joker.

Afterburner-like arcade game
This game by Prestige Software did not have a name. Previewed in Amiga Joker somewhere in 1993 the game looked very much like Afterburner with the camera slightly behind a stealth-fighter which flew over some woods.

the wolf 17 September 2003 14:04

Re: I can scan in these (p)reviews

Originally posted by Tim Janssen
I can scan in all games mentioned in this list:

Yes, please, you'll do a great favour to aGTW community, Tim! :)

Akira 17 September 2003 16:12

Were those in your list, Wolf?

BTW Tim.. Miracle bat was gonna be released by Miracle Software. Looked good, shame it didn't get released :(

the wolf 17 September 2003 16:21


Originally posted by Akira
Were those in your list, Wolf?
Hmm... no.
I have "miracle Bat" under other name (The Bouncy Bat Game), previewed in Amiga Power, Nov92, and a preview of Creepers, from an italian magazine.
But keep on scan, maybe the screenshots are different!

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