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alexh 04 December 2019 00:47

Richard Swinfen
I see this guy Richard Swinfen is credited in lots of places including Wikipedia as the coder of Shadow of the Beast Amiga. Is there any evidence for this? I was sure it was Paul Howarth with help from Reflections co-founder Martin Edmondson.

I can find evidence this guy programmed the C64 port of SOTB but why are so many places quoting him as the coder of the Amiga version?

Is this a little known secret and he really was the code of the Amiga version or a misquote repeated on 10s of websites?

Just curious.

dlfrsilver 04 December 2019 14:45

A jerk just push his bullshit all over, that's the reason Alex.

gimbal 05 December 2019 11:18

Reminds me of the jerk that catfished RetroManCave :/


Minuous 05 December 2019 16:12

It spreads because people tend to automatically believe whatever is on Wikipedia.

I'd fix it but it would probably just get reverted back to the wrong info anyway.

kamelito 05 December 2019 20:33

I asked Mike D. and he said that Richard Swinfen did the C64 version and quite a bit of the PC Engine one. But the Amiga version was finished when they get it and done as we know by Paul Howarth and Martin Edmonson.

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