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nobody 01 October 2019 08:00

Any good reason to buy an A1200 accel. for ACA500+?
If I get an A1200 accelerator like a1230 what will be the benefits? What would run better/emulators run 100% speed/games that didn't work on 68000 Amiga?
Is it worth it or no?

ajk 01 October 2019 09:49

If you have the 68000 running at the full 42MHz, there probably aren't very many titles that would significantly benefit from an 68030. Perhaps some. You can get much more RAM with a separate accelerator, if you need it.

trixster 01 October 2019 10:54

You could run software that requires an 020+. That might be worthwhile?

Photon 01 October 2019 14:21

Almost all games that require 68020+ also require AGA, so... the best use case would be utilities I think.

I haven't seen a benchmark comparison between a Blizzard 030/50 and an ACA1233n, or between 42MHz 68000 and ACA1233n, but I think the ACA card is pretty zippy cos of the faster fastram and will be several times faster than a 42MHz 68000.

The double buses to the chip RAM might make tight games stutter in WHDLoad, IIRC.

Maybe as a test to see what it's like, but then I'd put the card in an A1200 I think. :)

AmigaHope 01 October 2019 21:58

Games that are CPU limited will definitely run better, e.g. stuff with 3D graphics like Frontier. Later CPU models had massive IPC improvements over the 68000, so they will run faster than the 68000 even at a lower clock rate. In addition you will be able to run some fully 32-bit stuff like Dungeon Master II (DM2 says AGA on the box but it is really ECS).

You'll have more fast RAM available with a fully 32-bit CPU, which means that you can run larger stuff entirely out of RAM without hitting the disk (BASS, MI2, etc.)

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