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_ThEcRoW 21 July 2008 17:52

Hello, i'm posting this message because on every page i search on the net, didn't mention if in the actual version of e-uae is jit for ppc enabled.
The reason is that i have a g4 mac and on hi-toro it says: JIT Settings: PowerPC 7450
Is that telling that the jit is working??. I don't think so because sysspeed only reports a 12 mhz system :nuts.
Os is disabled and the jit on hi-toro is only for intel based macs????
Thanks in advance!!!

Samurai_Crow 21 July 2008 18:27

JIT is only enabled on Intel-based systems. If you have a JIT compiler for PPC that is compatible with a GPL-licensed emulator, be sure to let us know. ;)

_ThEcRoW 21 July 2008 18:37

So enabling it under a ppc cpu will slow it down or just will not have any effect?
Thanks for the reply.

Samurai_Crow 22 July 2008 03:26

It should have no effect unless Rosetta runs in reverse to make Intel programs work on PPC (which would make an incredibly slow JIT compiler).

rzookol 13 August 2008 16:46

umisef made jit 68k for ppc (without fpu emu afaik) but somebody should implement it into uae

eastone 14 November 2008 14:03

something new in jit for ppc?

_ThEcRoW 15 November 2008 01:18

I thought that the jit of umisef was for x86 and is the one implemented in amithlon.

Retro1234 15 November 2008 02:02

It was probably more going to be Amithlon for PPC - But it would still be great to have this working - a lot of consoles are PPC:agree


gilgamesh 07 May 2011 00:55

Check out this blog http://euaejit.blogspot.com/

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