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drusso66 07 November 2004 18:43

Classic WB and Mediator set up
I am having probs setting up a Mediator 1200 PCI and Voodoo 3000 card with muy current Classic Workbench setup, I am using Classic workbench full version but should I be Using the P96 version or the ADV version, or maybe i just don't know how to set up this damn mediator board a Voodoo card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am on the verge of bininig this mediator board.

Bloodwych 07 November 2004 23:33

Sorry drusso, I have absolutely no knowledge of mediator boards or how to set them up. I’ve noticed your other threads and if the methods aren’t working in a default workbench install then there isn’t a classicwb issue for me to address. :(

I really hope you get it working.

As for which version to use, lot’s of info already on the site. The FULL is for TV-res, the others for PC style square pixel screen modes. If you get the PC graphics card working the best version would be ADV, ADVSP or P96 as the icons are proportioned for resolutions such as 640x480, 800x600, Productivity, DBL-PAL/NTSC etc.

Since the P96 has an initial setup for emulator RTG graphics, this would need changing. The ADV/ADVSP should require the same treatment as a standard workbench install in order to get the mediator working. But since you've tried already.... :scream

I suggest asking over at Amiga.org - more experienced users there and threads such as this.

drusso66 08 November 2004 21:53

Thanks for your reply, I will gibve Amiga.org a try and if I finally get this working I will post a reply here for any future reference

Bloodwych 09 November 2004 01:27

Hmmm, well I hope you managed to see the link I posted above before it was lost - nothing but an error now. :(

It seems Amiga.org has had a forum failure and lost loads of posts:


:: Forum Issues
On October 9th, 2004, due to security concerns we elected to upgrade our forums software to the newest version as recommended by the authors, even though it was in unreleased form (release candidate actually). After doing so, we noted several problems which were reported directly to the programmers.

Upon waking this morning, we discovered inconsistencies with the database meaning all data currently in the system had been cross-entered and was therefore corrupted. As of right now, we have been forced to roll back our forums software and posts to the "last known good" configuration that we had available. This, unfortunately means that all posts after the 9th of October have been lost. Better in our opinion than all posts.

Before you ask, yes, we know the Latest posts module is not exactly working correctly. Something in the transition broke the lastposts module, so we had to reinstall from scratch. We will be rebuilding it ASAP to match our old style. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hopefully they can still be of help.

billyfish 20 November 2004 02:06

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am on the verge of bininig this mediator board.[/QUOTE]

Don't do that! :)

Ok first of all have you registered with elbox to receive the driver updates, also have you got the multimedia cd? If you have either of these you'll be ok. The instructions for installation come with either of these. here are some pointers. First off get p96 from http://vgr.com/picasso and install the cv3d monitor driver using the installation script. Rename devs:monitors/cv3d to devs:monitors/voodoo and change the tooltype of this file to point to the voodoo.card from elbox. You'll need to define some screenmodes with picassomode.

good luck!


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