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blackcornflake 26 April 2022 16:55


Originally Posted by Pyromania (Post 1306794)
Can inexpensive Ads be purchased for inclusion in APoV?

I dunno about ads I'm afraid, Pyro; that's more a Cody thing. Cody?

stevelord 27 April 2022 02:16

Have a chat with Amigafan (on here) about WhatIFF Magazine. I suspect the two of you could compare notes, contacts and if you're both up for it, content. If it helps you both get issues out of the door it can only be a good thing, especially given the different mediums involved (WhatIFF is digital only).

blackcornflake 27 April 2022 10:21

Clever name too. Makes you go "a-ha" like the cartoon ostrich in Family Guy.

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