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BarryB 07 August 2017 22:14

The Plague (Innerprise) Not Supported or bad disks?
Have a boxed copy of The Plague, Innerprise release not the budget release by Global Software.

Using the Plague WHDLoad by Mr Larmer the CT Raw files from my Kryoflux dump install fine under WinUAE but the game throws up an exception error when pressing fire to enter the game! The CT Raw also doesn't load in WinUAE, sticks on Track 42 after pressing fire! However, the original Disk 1 loads fine in a real PAL A500 KS1.3/ECS with 512Kb trapdoor RAM when pressing fire, so is this a protection that a CT RAW can't handle?

Have uploaded the CT RAW files to The Zone for 'those that know' to look at!

DamienD 07 August 2017 22:38

Do the extended .ADFs that Denis made work for you with WHDLoad?

The Plague PAL version

EAB File Server: ~Uploads/dlfrsilver

... The Plague (G) (2 Disks) (1990) [Original] (Rainbow Arts) (Amiga OCS 512kb) (FULLSCREEN).zip
... The Plague (US)(1990)(Innerprise Software)(2 Disks)[200 lines SCREEN] (Original).zip

BarryB 07 August 2017 22:53

Well, Denis made them Damien so yes, they work :D

Just my CT RAW files don't seem to work in WinUAE. The Original disks that I made the CT RAW files from work in a real PAL A500, so just wondering why!!

DamienD 07 August 2017 23:16

Gotcha ;)

BarryB 09 September 2017 16:36

Still can't this game working using my CT RAW dumps and WHDLoad in WinUAE, the game produces this error: Exception "Illegal Instruction" ($10) at $2D0 occurred.

My WinUAE config is for a Standard A1200 but with 128mb RAM and RTG, tried NoCache / NoAutovec and also NoVBRMove which just produces a black screen after pressing fire and can't quit!

Anyone have any idea why this is?

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