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blindfold 09 October 2005 17:56

[Request] Chuck Rock 2
Hi all.
Ok, I tried and tried but I just cant manage to rip sprites&maps from Chuck Rock 2.
The game and gameplay was brilliant, up to 4th level. With nex levels it gets all worse :(.

Anyway. GFX is great!

gifgit 09 October 2005 19:18

Here is the main sprite,I will have a look a the rest later or tomorrow.

maVado 09 October 2005 19:24

1 Attachment(s)
here are the tiles from level 1, i will upload the other level tiles later

i tried the sprites myself but i could not get the palette right

gifgit 09 October 2005 19:43

Here`s another map piece from lvl 1.Mavado is right,the pallette for the sprites is a bitch to get right.Map piece should be grey not green and brown...Doh!
Edit this is how far I`ve got remapping colours from a screenshot to the sprites

maVado 10 October 2005 02:05

5 Attachment(s)
level 2,3,4,5 and 7

6 is a bonus level and the palette is mixed up a lot

these tiles are only one layer, the background and foreground parallax layers are stored in different colors, since they are repetive i would make screenshots and rip from them.

maVado 10 October 2005 02:08

5 Attachment(s)
level 8,9,10,12 and 13

11 is again a bonus level with mixed up palette

i'll post the missing ones later

gifgit 10 October 2005 18:15

Here are the sprites from lvl 1.1 stoneage suburbs.I`ll do the other levels later.;)
Edit:Lvl1 Boss Dave.

blindfold 10 October 2005 21:39

Gee, thanks! You guys are really great!!!

Even "Mary Jane" is here. (I haven't seen her in Sega versions, also this guy with pants down on Sega has panties.. censorship?)

BTW. I wish Core didn't kept their licences so much... This one coud really get a GBA remake. (since http://www.spoutnickteam.com/ trouble nobody wants to).

gifgit 11 October 2005 13:37

Here`s the lvl2 sprites,because of the different sections of lvl2 these have 3 different pallettes.;)
Edit:lvl3(monkey trouble sprites);)
Edit:lvl4(waterfall sprites);)

gifgit 11 October 2005 18:00

Lvl 4 boss Ozric:)
Lvl 5 sprites.
Edit:Lvl 6 uses lvl 5 sprites.
Lvl 7 sprites
Lvl 7 boss nigel

maVado 12 October 2005 20:03

Excellent work gifgit!

I'll add the missing level tiles later

gifgit 12 October 2005 20:17

Unfortunately,the game loads some sprites from the next level,so I`m not sure if they are all from the actual levels I`ve stated.They may need editing but I can`t be arsed at the moment.Here`s the neck part from the purple diplodocus in lvl 2.(more to follow.);)
Edit:Statue bonus stage(not sure if I got this right but it`s as near as I can get)
Edit again:Fruit mountain sprites and piste sprites.

gifgit 13 October 2005 18:51

I think that this is everything(I hope !)
Lvl 9,10 sprites
Sea creature boss,Sam
Final boss.

maVado 13 October 2005 21:32

4 Attachment(s)
tiles ...

gifgit 13 October 2005 21:34

Cool :great
If I missed any sprites,please PM me and I will sort it.:)

blindfold 14 October 2005 15:31

You guys are really deep into ripping!!!

Thanks, that's really awesome.

NameOfTheGame 05 May 2016 18:28

Hello, sorry to bump this old thread, but some of the rips are missing from this thread. Does anyone have a full archive of them? Thanks!

gifgit 18 May 2016 13:34

8 Attachment(s)
Here`s all I could find on my old ripping disk. First 8 files XD

gifgit 18 May 2016 13:35

8 Attachment(s)
And more XD

s2325 18 May 2016 13:36

Sixth image have crumbled stone, I don't remember how to do that...

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