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hal 28 September 2002 19:43

now since i´m using a real amiga again i´ve got to worry about the viruses again
now i know nothing of the amiga antivirus programs
does anyone know of a good amiga antivirus program
now that i doubt that amiga viruses are made anymore
though there´s always a chance of it :(
if they´re not made anymore there should be a program that knows them all

Muzkat 29 September 2002 05:01

I have a disk called Majik 12, a compilation of various utils that I find very handy. On it is a program called Master Virus Killer, which eliminated every virus I could throw at it. It could also detect (but not really fix) disk errors and place an actual protection on your disk (just in case you don't want it erased accidentally). It was also very easy and fun to use.

I say fun because, when a virus is detected, an alarm sounds. To kill the virus, you have to click an icon of a gun. Then you hear a gunshot, a scream, and a malicious laugh, and you have no more virus.

hal 29 September 2002 15:41

ok thanks

jmmijo 29 September 2002 18:12


Originally posted by Kodoichi
Get the lastest Antivirus software here:

Just what I was going to recommend ;)

Yes get the latest from this site and it should keep your system protected :)

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