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Djay 30 July 2002 00:02

Lost CD-Writer
i recently installed CDRWin 3.8G, and it over-writed the control drivers for my SCSI Plextor Cd Rewriter...... AHHHHHHHHHHHH

now Windows doesn't see the drive

anyone have any ideas, that don't involve Restalling Windows?

i know some of you are software/hardware gurus.. please help.

Akira 30 July 2002 03:46

Moved the thread. Hardware Problems is for AMIGA Hardware problems ;)

Fred the Fop 30 July 2002 04:25

Well, maybe , if you knew what the drivers were named, you can download them and replace them in your System folder, Djay.
These 2 sites have saved my hide a coupla times.



Good luck.

Shadowfire 30 July 2002 13:16

I don't think I completely understand what you're saying but have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling your SCSI adapter drivers?

Djay 30 July 2002 22:59

sozz Akira...

have fix now anyway... SCSI cable had fallen (?!?!?) out

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