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Jan-VHT 22 December 2020 20:16

New bootblock virus found
Hi all...

A new bootblock virus have been found on an .adf archive containing a game called 'Apple Catcher', we are not 100% sure of the name of the archive.

After booting the virus changes the CoolCapture-Vector to stay resident in memory at ($000058DC). Then the virus patches the DoIO ($000059B6) Vector to infect other disks.

The checksum of the bootblock changes with each mutation, so that means that there could be a lot of mutations out there. So please take care.

You can read the test of 'Game Over' bootblock virus at the Virus Help Team website. Link: https://www.vht-dk.dk/amiga/desc/txt/gameover.htm

Picture of the 'Game Over' virus:

Thanx to CrashDisk for his testing of this virus as well...

Kind Regards
Jan Andersen
Virus Help Team

WayneK 23 December 2020 13:44

Nice find, I wonder when this was actually produced? I'd be interested in seeing a commented disassembly of it (not that I couldn't do it myself, but... just in case you already had one :) ).

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