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clauddio 01 April 2012 14:28

Scummvm windows version so good and so fast
I have playing some amiga games using scummvm on my PC and using advanced mame 3x filter...the image is amazing
but the most interesting part is that only eats 5 or 10 % of the cpu
Scummvm windows version is incredible and fast !!
running amiga games on winuae and using a screen filter like scummvm it consumes about 90-100 % of the cpu

how this is possible? can anyone explain plz?

Mad-Matt 01 April 2012 14:33

ScummVm isnt an emulator its an Interpreter. Essentially scummvm is the game and simply using the data contained in the Amiga datafiles and puttingthem ont he screen. Nothing to emulate at all.

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