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skydope 06 December 2011 10:45

2 Problems in CWB
First of all I want to say thank you very much for making this project.

I've tried also AmigaSys, but I found CWB ADVSP to be superior (at least on my system)

However, I have still some problems in my real A1200, here they go:

1- I can't launch the included demo "State of the art", well it runs, but there just appear a hand with a glitching girl inside, and it stops.

2- When I open the other menu, by the buttons or the top bar shorcut, the system hangs and forces me to restart it. The menu never appears.

This doesn't happen with the hdf in winuae, so may be related to my real Amiga. Also tried to install CWB several times, always getting same results.

My specs are: A1200, Blizzard 040, Subway USB, 4GB CF, 140GB HDD (both formated in SFS and with patched scsi.device)

Hope to solve this, or at least know why this happens.
Thank you for your time and please forgive my noobish knowledge.

mfilos 06 December 2011 11:34

Since I see you have a Subway USB, and some WHDLoad titles have indeed problems with Poseidon being online, I'd suggest you disable it to test it out.
After all, since in WinUAE you don't have problems, it's probably because Poseidon doesn't find USB hardware alas it's not starting and that's why you don't have an issue there :)

So... on your real Amiga, open a CLI window and issue the following command:

(Don't worry it won't uninstall anything. It's just disables the USB hardware till you restart your Amiga)
Then run your "State of the Art" demo and tell us if it runs ok.

If it does, you can use 2 scripts that I made to enable/disable USB with using 2 icons that you can "Leave Out" in your Workbench screen. :)
Generally it's a lot better to start WHDLoad without having Poseidon online since there are titles that have general issues with it. You can also configure WHDLoad to disable Poseidon upon running and then re-enabling it once it quits (by using the commands I have in the scripts in it's configuration file). I find using the icons a lot easier though :P

You can grab the scripts here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/939939/Start-Stop_USB.lha

skydope 06 December 2011 12:34

mfilos, thank you for your fast answer :-)

I find this scripts very useful, will stick them to my Workbench.

Unluckily, the Poseidon USB stack seems not to be the issue here, I've tried to disable it through the command you pointed me, but the problem didn't fade away.

Also, I opened the Amiga, and deattached the Subway from the clockport connector, but this didn't change anything.

I wish to try other things to find a solution. I can live without watching this demo, but I would like to know what's the problem with my system, since this seems to be just happening to me.

Thanks again!

mfilos 06 December 2011 13:38

No problem mate.
I'm really curious as well. "State of the Art" demo is one of the most known demos and it plays just fine under the 030 systems that I own. I don't remember if I tested it under 060 but I can do once I get home.
Anyone else with an 040 that can run the demo to know for sure that this isn't an issue with the CPU?

It's certainly not an issue with the FileSystem cause I tested this demo in FFS/SFS and PFS3 without issues. Also scsi.device is not an issue as well cause I tested many scsi.devices with this demo in the past and without issues.
Have you tested your memory in case there is a problem in any block? (hmmm need to find what utility I used in the past for this)

fitzsteve 06 December 2011 13:39

I'll try running State of the Art on one of my 040's later and see if the issue is related to the 040 CPU and report back.



You could try booting with the Blizzard Disabled (Holding 2 key) and when booting then choose the CWB WHDLoad Boot Menu (hold right mouse button, and choose Run/Demo's)

You could try to run the Demo from there, I think it will run ok with the 020 and just 2mb Chip Ram.

musojon74 06 December 2011 14:23

I have run state of the art on 060 here.

skydope 06 December 2011 16:14

I've tried booting with "2" key pressed. Then loaded into the WHDLoad Boot Menu, but WHDLoad throws me "can't allocate shadow mem" so maybe it needs something more than 2MB of chipram, or I'm missing something else...

Thanks everyone for your answers, I hope to continue testing until we isolate this :-)

skydope 06 December 2011 19:53

If I take off the 64MB of RAM from the Blizzard, boot with right click and I try to open the 'other' menu it works (shows nothing in there but it doesn't crash my system).

I've completed a memtest for the Fastram, and it finished with no errors.

I am not sure about what can be happening...Faulty 040? Any way to check this?

Thanks a lot :)

skydope 06 December 2011 20:34

Sorry for confusing you guys, seems the issues I had were all related to my 1240.

I've bought the A1200 with the 1240 inside, so I didn't bother to open the computer and take it apart.

What I've found is that this card has a 100Mhz crystal soldered on it.

I don't know what to do now. Change it with a lower freq one?
Is that the only overclocking that can be done? I ask that because I want to revert it to its original state.


fitzsteve 06 December 2011 21:23

Hi skydope,

Just tested on my WarpEngine 4040 and the Demo did not run at first, same glitch you described.

These issue is to do with 040 CPU Caches, add tooltype CACHE to the Tools/Info of the Icon and all will be well :great

(this can also fix some issues in WHDLoad games with 040, also another useful Tooltype is NOVBRMOVE this can also help in some games.)

Clicky for Screenie:


Also as you say, it sounds like your 040 has been overclocked to 50mhz (100mhz halved) If you replace with an 80mhz Crystal you will be at 40mhz the defaault speed. I imagine it gets pretty hot at that speed :crazy

But I bet the system runs nice and slick :D

skydope 06 December 2011 21:44

Hi fitzsteve and thanks for your feedback!

As long as I can see, my 040 is running fine. It has got a big heatsink that blocks the RAM socket, so the RAM is installed in a SCSI board attached to the 1240.
The bottom is raised a bit so the air flows. Also the problems I point, happen with cold machine.

Would it be right to use the 100Mhz crystal? Or better if I go back to 80Mhz halved?
I can attach some pictures of the card if you want, maybe isn't in a good condition after this overclock.

I will try that Tooltype, and report back :-)

fitzsteve 06 December 2011 22:00


Feel free to share pics, we like pics! I hope you have a fan too as it's crucial you use a fan on an 040 especially overclocked.

I would suggest reverting to 80mhz Crystal and put a chipset cooler instead so you can use the bottom Ram socket.

Or better still send to Stachu100 and ask him to upgrade to 060 with latest mask CPU then you can safely overclock that :great

Hope the tooltype helps with your Damo :)


skydope 07 December 2011 12:50


The Tooltype helped a bit, it passes the glitching girl in the hand screen, and I can see all the demo, but it continues glitching some graphics: doesn't run as it should be.
Also the system freezes and restarts when I open the "other" menu.

I've created a gallery here, so you guys can check this 1240 :-)


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