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maddoc666 21 May 2011 23:50

A1200, A600, A500+ and A500
Hi all, looking for a bit of advice if poss.

I have 4 miggys in total and was wondering how much you reckon i would get for them

A1200 with a 030 Accel card (64Mb i think) and a pcmcia CD-Rom drive and external disk drive
A600 (No PSU tho) did have a memory card upgrade but ram chips are missing.

A500+ (No PSU)


They all have the usual signs of age, yellowing etc. Not sure if df0: in each are ok as i have no disks to test them.

alexh 22 May 2011 09:11

£10-15 each for the A500/A600's (more for the A500+ if you successfully remove the battery and it hasn't leaked)

Perhaps £150-200 for the A1200 depending on condition and make of accelerator.

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