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Bushmaster 04 June 2002 18:32

First Post
Hello guys,

Emulator newbie here!! :D Recently, I downloaded WinUAE and emulated an Amiga on my Win XP system. But my question is how am I going to install a HDD? Or How can I install games on a HDD?

I found out there are stuff like WHDLoad and JST but what are these? WHDLoad is no .exe file that can install a HDD for the emulation.

So how can I use the stuff and what should I use? So on and on...

Can you please give me instruction on installing a HD version of a game for WinUAE emulator?

Thanks in advance! :)

Drake1009 04 June 2002 20:49

WHD and JST are for installing games from disks to the harddisk on the Amiga. It will work on the emulated Amiga as well if you have installed workbench to run it from. You should set up a hardfile or directory (I prefer this since I can just dump files here if there's something to be added) and then the WHD and JST installers shouldn't be too hard to install. You can then download some installers you can run if you have either JST or WHD installed which will then install the game from the disk images and allow you to run them from workbench, sometimes with reduced loading times.

Bushmaster 04 June 2002 21:05

Thanks but
Dear Drake,

Thanks for your reply to my questions. Unfortunately, I am quite new to the stuff, I really don't know how to do anything...

I figured out how to configure an amiga 500 full ECS with 3.1 rom and played some floppy disk (adf) games I downloaded from "Back2theroots" site...

Can you please give me step by step instructions how to install a HD version of a game? for example?

Should I install workbench in order to do all these?

Like what files do I need to download? how to use them etc etc?

I am using the latest version of WinUAE ...

Thank you very much for your time...

Djay 05 June 2002 01:31

Welcome to EAB.....

if your gonna create a HD use A1200 specs... i.e. kick3.1, AGA chipset, 2mb chip ram, 68020 or higher....(to start with)

1.create Hard-drive folder in Windows (do it in the winuae folder)
2.go into the Hard Drives tab in winuae
3.click add directory, name the hard-drive then browse the path
4.save the config
5.insert the Workbench 3.1 install disk into df0:
6.follow the on-screen prompts (you'll need all the Workbench disks)
7.when its finished, remove the adf, and reboot Amiga

not all games have a HD install, but in Workbench, open a dos disk and see if there is a HD-Install icon

if you have downloaded a HD image, just copy the folder in your Harddrive folder, when you boot in workbench, you should see your new HD image.... if you don't you need to create a .info icon for your new folder, copy an existing icon (to start with) then rename it to the same name as your new folder.... i.e.....

Doom AGA - main folder
Doom AGA.info - icon file

hope that helps...... if you need anymore help give me a shout!!!

Bushmaster 05 June 2002 04:12


Thanks for the reply,

Yea, I could only follow the instructions till the workbech part :)

I don't have it, where can I find and download it? I mean all the needed things including WB 3.1 (extras, other tools, etc)

It's been more than 8 years I didn't use an Amiga, feels like a fresh start!

After I install the WB, I 'll go ahead with other questions (if I will have)

Djay 06 June 2002 01:33

Workbench is still owned by Amiga (bless em), and therefore isn't something that you should request (mmmm, eh mods)...

...but if you send me a Private Message, i will help you out;)

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