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MickJT 12 August 2007 11:38

Are there two sizes for kick13.rom?
I have an original dump of my A500 kickstart rom from way back. 256kb. Everywhere I read on the net suggests it should be 256kb, but every pirated one I come across is always 512kb. It doesn't appear to filled with null data either, so what's the difference? TUDE I remember only worked with the original 256kb one.

Also, WinUAE accepts the 512kb fine.

OddbOd 12 August 2007 15:18

The only 1.3 ROMs I have seen that are 512kb have been extracted from A3000s and contain two 256k Kickstarts one after another, why they are like this I really don't know though I have no doubt someone round here will.

Jope 14 August 2007 07:38

No, all 1.3 machines will produce a 512kB image if you use transrom. The 256kB kickstart is visible twice in the address space.

If you really need a 256kB image and have a 512kB image, just split it in two.

gulliver 15 August 2007 00:49

Totally true what Jope said. In fact, they are commonly called overdumped roms and they add an "o" after their names.
But remeber it is a software issue that makes them twice their size. Real 1.3 ROMS are 256kb!

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