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deadduck 16 November 2001 10:03

is this a newbie question?
Hi, after manually putting a UAE HD config together from lots of downloaded progs, I have relented and gone for AIAB (amiga in a box). I thought this would help me run progs that I was missing LIBS and Datatypes for..... but alas to no avail.

I want my UAE amiga to run MPEG movies and MP3s

What do I need to do this?

I serched AMINET, but the choice of tiny files is bewildering after 10 years of amiga oblivion :)

Please help me out guys....

Amigaboy 16 November 2001 10:40

Back when I used to use my Amiga to play MP3s, I used Songplayer but I have no idea what's the best thing to use now

As for MPEGs, I don't know. I did a quick Aminet search and the one that looks the best is Amp

deadduck 16 November 2001 14:32

Thx Amigaboy, I found those progs too....
But when installed and run they give errors such as cant find
Libray this or that.
How can I ensure that I have all the necessary Libs and datatypes?

Twistin'Ghost 16 November 2001 14:45

Read the docs. Rarely have I ever read the docs for Amiga stuff that didn't state what libs and stuff are needed. Usually they are included with the distribution. Which programs are we talking about anyway? Songplayer and Amp?

Amigaboy 16 November 2001 15:27

Songplayer requires MUI (if I recall), so ensure you have that installed first

Korodny 25 November 2001 04:24

For playing MP3 on an Amiga, use AmigaAmp. This one can be used with a standard GadTools
Interface, or you can switch it into "Skin" mode which lets you use all of the WinAmp skins
out there. Can be downloaded at http://www.amigaamp.de (Freeware) This is *not* for they guys
with the weak CPUs... For most WinAmp skins you'll probably need a BMP datatype. Check Aminet
for "WARP" datatypes, these are by far the best ones (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG available).

Playing MPEG ? Either use Amp, as suggested. This is considered the best option for AGA Users.
GFX board users usually tend to use Frogger. (both are shareware)

SoftCinema is able to play most AVI/QT, including DivX - but no Sörensen. Sorry, don't know any
URLs... Prolly not on Aminet yet (or at least not the most recent versions). Shareware.

Missing libraries: Always read the "Requirements" section of the documentation. This should
usually give hints where to find needed stuff. If not, go to aminet and use the search engine on
variations of the file/library name ("guigfx.library", "guigfx").

Akira 26 November 2001 15:59

hey, what kind of Amiga is enough to play MP3s? an 030 is fine?

Kodoichi 26 November 2001 18:52


Originally posted by Akira
hey, what kind of Amiga is enough to play MP3s? an 030 is fine?
Yes, it's enough.

I tried out some MP3s on my 1230 and had to put the quality down to 96 Kbps so the CPU didn't slow down =/

Akira 26 November 2001 21:55

Then it''s not enough :D I need an 040 I presume, to listen to 160KBPS files?

Twistin'Ghost 26 November 2001 23:17

I'm a 192-320Kbps man myself... :)

Korodny 27 November 2001 00:29

What CPU for playing MP3

No, a 040 is not enough. You'll either need a 060 or a PPC.

Akira 27 November 2001 18:17

i pass on the PPC offer :D

lemme go play with my new ZX81----... yummy

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