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Ebster 06 November 2004 10:46

Alice Chip Problem: A Very Important And Serious Question!
hi folks,

yesterday i broke my alice chip with the dce flickermagic i bought on ebay. eventually i didn´t give enough pressure on the dce chips to make them snap onto the a1200 motherboard so for several tries they were quite lose with power on. inbetween i turned the 10*flatbandcable, somehow inverted it on the dce lisa chip. all this might have caused electrical interferences. i don´t exactly know when my alice broke, but when i turn on, i get grey flashes and only this chip becomes hot. only after that happened i realised that the dce chips need to be attached with HIGH pressure to snap in.

today a friend is giving me his a1200 as a present and i don´t know if i shall try it again with the knowledge i got. if the dce blew up - how can i know? - will it destroy my new miggy??

Jope 06 November 2004 21:46

Well, judging by that story, I wouldn't plug it in the new machine.

At least find out how the flat cable is supposed to go on both ends and make sure it's connected correctly before you plug it in, if you decide to try it.

Check the device for any broken components.

Peanutuk 07 November 2004 12:49

I changed the thread title to make it a little more helpful to other users.

keropi 07 November 2004 12:58

damn... I am waiting for a Flickermagic too! So it need PRESSURE to install ???

Ebster 07 November 2004 13:53

you guys know what: i love this board!

i am into oldskool computing for about two years now. back in the days when i was 13 i had a c64 and was member of a cracking and spreading group (really sort of lame, but looking at the age of the members we were vicious) - then at 14 i had to sell my c64 stuff because me and my group started getting trouble with the law. didn´t do nothing for two years and then got me an a500, later an a1200. used for gaming (most of my games were originals then!!) and composing hip hop beats - then this shit went into the cellar for some years until i discovered winuae and ccs 64. it gave a rebirth to my interest in commodore computers. after all, last year i met a guy who has masses of c64´s etc. in his collection - he gave me a c64 with everything you need and therefor took all my (codetapper might guess - i gave him my ORIGINAL capital punishment disks too, so i cannot try to install the original right now, no possible whdload bug report) amiga original games (i had to keep slamtilt, mk2, pinball dreams and banshee :-)) so i took up the challange and converted every software that was somehow bringing back the nostalgic feelings of the good old times and made me a comfortable disk box, that surprisingly me AND my friends use more often than e.g. ps2 stuff when we meet before we go out at night. it´s a treasure in my living room, connected to a big 16:9 tv, via s-vhs cable, and 5channel mono :-))) dolby...

i was always messing around a little with my old miggy but never too ambicious, until i found out about these whdload - packages from decreator. for me being that nostalgic freak, i had to take up the second challange - building up a 2,5" fucking much gig hd in my old a1200 and converting every tosec and whdload thing i can get in my fingers (yes i am this type of collecting and bragging idiot (sorry, but it just gives me fun in my spare time) and i don´t own every original game i installed but i think i supported the amiga game developpers enough when it was the time to - i owned 50 to 100 originals which to me going to school and earning no money was a lot) and now i come to the point: looking for the right advice on how to install the big hd i found NO FORUM that was SLIGHTLY AS INTERESTING AND FRESH LIKE THIS!!! you guys are so friendly and supporting and i enjoy every stay in here... reading these threads from people who are about as mad about these oldschool things like me. you helped me build up this thing.

back to the story... when i broke the alice chip i was about to cry, because i put so much time in my project. it took me an entire weekend with nearly no sleep to build in and install the 20gig hd, then again about 8 days transferring about 6 gig of data, partially installing under winuae then pulling it over. several ebay auctions for competition pro, the dce flickermagic etc. - registering whdload and so on...

god must have had an eye on me: yesterday i called a friend who i knew had an a1200 back in the days, a school mate. and know what: HE GAVE ME A BIG MOVING BOX STUFFED TO THE EDGE WITH TWO A500, TWO A1200, AND LOTS OF EXTRAS. and he even didn´t want money, he just wanted an invitation to eat and see the stuff working. so two used a1200´s were enough for me to try out if my flickermagic was still working, if one would break, i´d still use the other one and bet on an external thing. and guess what...... tatatataaaahhh - IT WORKS!!! for nostalgic reasons i kept everything from my old miggy like the case (with that cigarette burning spot on the left, memorys, know what i mean), the keyboard etc and build me a new miggy with my friends motherboard. everything cleaned up with a hot steam/high pressure cleaning machine - don´t know the right word for that thing in english..

and it´s working as hell, an 1200 with blizzard 1230 IV 8mb, 20 gig hd, flickermagic, 4 ddrives, 19"vga, 4 players adapter etc. and lots of spareparts that will hopefully last for as long as i live!!

so thanks to everyone in this forum who supporting my victory over all these "little" problems, like jope, keropi, that guy who gave me the hd instructions (sorry, forgot your name) and everyone else!

i don´t know why this thing keeps fascinating me, i mean i spend more time getting everything working than time to use it when i´m done - but you know what : i enjoy it a lot!! other people collect stamps in their spare time...

you keep this dream alive for me and i try to give a little piece back to you.

big up to all of you!!

Ebster aka Firecracker of mask ;-)))

try this link: http://noname.c64.org/csdb/group/?id=2237
(we were young and needed the money:laughing )

Ebster 07 November 2004 14:07

yes keropi, you need high pressure! you hear a loud click when it´s in the right position and there should nearly be no space between the motherboard and that plastic connection frame. you also have to cut some parts out of your metallic shielding thing to make it fit. hd can be glued to the keaboard with double sided glue-tape. no place for the hd holding hardware after install. and finally if you have that tower version you can easily make a hole in that little plastic door under the floppy drive (a drilling machine, file, hammer and hot knive might help - personally i did that in a dental laboratory with some tools you need to make false teeth - a lot more convenient). then you screw in the vga plug and everything will look nice.

greetz to greece!

keropi 07 November 2004 14:35

ok, thanks, I have my cd/HD external (did some driling my self on the desktop case) so I got plenty of room inside :)

keropi 09 November 2004 10:33

I just want to say, that yesterday I installed my Flickermagic and it ROX!!! excellent picture quality with almost NO loss! I plugged it on my 17" SONY monitor, and I once fooled my self thinking I was running winUAE :D :D :D
Goodbye flicker!

keropi 09 November 2004 10:38


i don´t know why this thing keeps fascinating me, i mean i spend more time getting everything working than time to use it when i´m done - but you know what : i enjoy it a lot!! other people collect stamps in their spare time...
me too.... sometimes my friends make fun of me, but they have LAMER hobbies... like collecting miniatures! :nuts LOL :cheese :cheese :cheese

Jope 09 November 2004 11:37

Great to hear my writings were of some help to you.. Getting thanks from people makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. :-)

Ebster 09 November 2004 16:53

de nada, seniores... :p

@keropi: did you also experience sometimes sort of thin high beeping scary noises out of your monitor? everytime it occured i turned the monitor off and waited for some time, turned it on and it´s all good. then not having this for hours until turned off.

seems that it only happened, when the monitor was sort of cold - plug connection cut via an extra power button. out of standby this does not seem to occur.

keropi 09 November 2004 18:46

no, my SONY CPD200ES works like a charm! :D It doesn't make any noises... perhaps it is normal for your monitor to make these noises as it switches resolutions, old ones do it...

Ebster 09 November 2004 19:19

seems to be some connection problem. when i wiggle the monitor it disappears.. hmmm... never hapened before.

Dr. Dude 09 November 2004 19:59

nothing lasts forever :sad

;) whit a high exception about Amiga

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