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Galahad/FLT 28 June 2018 23:10

Helter Skelter
Developer is listed as unknown.

It is The Assembly Line

Galahad/FLT 09 July 2018 01:03


dlfrsilver 17 July 2018 23:59

done :)

hipoonios 20 July 2018 21:48

I'm hijacking this thread :cool

Anyone knows if there a bug in this game? Game skip levels 61-70 automatically so they can not be played. This happens with every available version in TOSEC + IPF.

If anyone wants to try:

Press F1 on title screen to bring up the password screen.
The password to level 61: UNIT

StingRay 20 July 2018 22:01

Just tried it, levels work in 2-player mode so it most probably is not a bug.

hipoonios 20 July 2018 22:12

Thanks for confirming.

BarryB 04 August 2018 17:59

Did anyone read Codetappers dissection of this game?


On both versions, levels 61-70 are broken, and as soon as the level appears, it fades out and the next level begins. I suspect this is because the levels were setup incorrectly, giving a time of 0 seconds to complete the level.
Helter Skelter version differences

hipoonios 04 August 2018 19:06

Nice to read about the differences of the two versions. Thanks :great

However, Codetapper might want to update his page, as I'm absolutely sure now levels 61-70 are not broken and there is no bug. They are skipped because they are designed for two players. Note that the levels are newly-split into two halves. So they are impossible to complete in one player mode. It's the same in the C64 version (and probably all other versions as well).

There is a problem with the cracked version of the rare 1988 edition though. The one cracked by Ackerlight is the only available version and levels 73,75,79,80 are not playable. DrBong provided me with his original version for testing and all levels worked using his version. So we need both a new fixed ADF of the 1988 edition + an updated WHDLoad slave that supports both versions.

If anyone wants to test:

1. Download the ADF
2. Press F1 on the title screen to the enter level code
3. Enter the code for level 71: PLAY
4. Type NAMRON in game to to activate the cheat mode and use ENTER key to skip levels.

Look at the level number and you will see that 73,75,79,80 are skipped.

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