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TenLeftFingers 05 December 2014 00:28

SQL of Java on classic Amiga?
I've come across Superbase - is that the best SQL software for 68k? I basically need to learn SQL (and Java) and would like to do it on my favourite system rather than boring old windows. Any suggestions appreciate!

Saghalie 08 December 2014 08:33

Hey there,

I've been looking in to doing this as well on the Amiga but haven't really delved in to it all that much. What I have found so far:


The Java query is useful for you so you can choose what Java compiler you want to use for your Java applications. So far I haven't really found anything that works well on the Amiga though. Although I played around with Kaffe a long time ago (it didn't work well) but it was Java at least.

Hope this helps.



TenLeftFingers 09 December 2014 16:53

Hi Saghalie,

Thanks so much for that very useful info! Very decent of you to prepare the Java search as well. I'm delighted to see the "68k" in the versions there. This will make learning all the more enjoyable - thanks again!


PS nice website! My partner is a Doula also.

BigFan 09 December 2014 17:10

Superbase has no SQL interface nor is it build on design rules for SQL. It is a strict hierachic and has its own set of commands to navigate, edit and query database entries.
Other than database application of that age, Superbase has a GUI.

TenLeftFingers 09 December 2014 20:24

Thanks BigFan, that's good to know also so I won't spend time on it.

I'm surprised that there are so few Amiga application videos on YouTube compared to games, which there are so much of.

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