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Unregistered 23 July 2001 07:27

WinUAE 8.16R4
I have been using Winuae 8.16 r4 and have found the Sound crashing the emulator. I have a Maxisound Fortissmo (YMF744) and had no problem with 8.14 R3 and previous versions. Is there an option I can turn on/off to make it more stable and less likely to crash and leave me with a #$%! memory leak?

Drake1009 23 July 2001 14:03

I would say you should disable sound emulation under the sound tab if you want to turn off the sound. Unfortunately that will cause some games to not work.

I haven't got any problems with 8.16r4 crashing because of sound. It just crashes at random and usually takes my computer with it.

andreas 01 August 2001 12:54

I too don't think that this is caused by SOUND at all.
In WinUAE 0.8.16.x, the GURU functionality is broken to the core.
If a game doesn't accept Fast Mem and you have Fast Mem set anyway, older versions would just GURU. 0.8.16.x quit with a general protection fault. Brian can tell me everything he wants to, but this DID come with JIT. Period. Before JIT, GURU functionality worked.

So I can only give you the advice to turn both slow and fast mem off and work with chip mem only for games. If the game accepts it, use it.

Drake1009 01 August 2001 13:34

I usually run emulation as my Amigas are, which means no slow or fast mem, only chip. And it doesn't show an error message for me. It just freezes up the entire system. (Including Ctrl-alt-del)

bspus 27 August 2001 04:03

Yes fast mem is not good for games. But slow mem can be. I dont know why, but some games require it to work. 2 I can think of are beach volley and torvak the warrior.

Paul 29 August 2001 12:43


I have been using Winuae 8.16 r4 and have found the Sound crashing the emulator.
I have a VORTEX PCI 338-A3D SOUND CARD on my machine.

Here is an example of what Winuae 8.16 r4 sound is like before the emulator crashes. See attachment.

Removed attachment

Paul 29 August 2001 12:46

When using WinUAE 8.14R1 It runs at a fast speed and The sound is a lot better. See atachment. I can set the sound to 16-bit stereo at 44100 Hz and have no sound brakeup.

Removed attachment

bspus 29 August 2001 14:38

Here is a place to get loads of old versions


You are lucky to be able to run all those versions without problems. On my system, only 8.8 R8 works OK. All the 8.14 versions are unusable because they run slow and choppy(not a processor matter). All the 8.16 have either a problem with sound, or are choppy, although R3 wotks almost OK

7-Zark-7 08 September 2001 15:35

Bspus-I know exactly what U mean!

WinUAE 8.8 r8 seems the only stable, working version 4 me too.
Granted I'm operating off a Celeron 266 at present so I'm not trying to be too harsh of WinUAE, later versions probably need more power than that.

I haven't even bothered trying the 8.16 releases yet, I wonder if they're worth the download??

Ahh, in a perfect world please let some programmer with loads of free time access to WinUae 8.8 r8's source code & improve it- just a touch-for games compatibility & then at least an OCS/ECS version of WinUAE would be complete... :)

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