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Planetinfinity 03 October 2020 23:52

Install Workbench

I created a new HDF (RDB) file with 30000MB with the FS-UAE disk creator. Unfortunately the HardDisk Tool on the Workbench is not able to see this harddisk.

Does anyone saw this problem in the past ?

BR Panetinfinity

fitzsteve 04 October 2020 00:20

Probably this, from fs-uae.net:

Empty hard drive images must be partitioned and formatted before use. Workbench may come with a tool called “HDToolBox” which you can use to partition the image. By default, the hard drive is accessed through a HD controller called uaehf.device. You need to tell HDToolBox to use this device when you start it, for example by running the command:

DF0:Tools/HDToolBox uaehf.device

Planetinfinity 04 October 2020 00:52

Thank you very much, that solved the problem.

Just as a record in case someone would search for the same solution. For Workbench 3.1.4 the path is:

DF0:HDTools/HDToolBox uaehf.device

Saghalie 04 October 2020 05:05

or you could go in the Icon itself (Information) and change it to look for uaehf.device

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