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witchmaster 08 June 2005 19:38

CrossDOS (again)
I'm trying to use crossdos to transfer some files to my a1200 but I always receive disk read errors, have tried a few disks but always the same. I'm using Wb3.0. I get a message of read errors and "block not found". I can dir the files on the disks but not read them. What seems to be the problem here? Thanks in advance.

witchmaster 08 June 2005 19:56

Ok, It seemed to be that the external disk drive couldn't read the disks but the internal could. May this be because of dirty heads? It reads amiga disks just fine.

EDIT: Looks like I was just lucky and got one file transfered. So question stands, how come crossdos is so unreliable for me?

TikTok 08 June 2005 21:20

Try formatting the disks on the Amiga if you used the PC before, or vice versa.

witchmaster 08 June 2005 21:33

I can't format the disks on my amiga, I always receive an error at some block. I can format those disks normally on amiga though.

TikTok 08 June 2005 23:04

That is interesting. Is the bad block always the same number or is it random?

witchmaster 08 June 2005 23:15

When I tested a few disks now in the external drive the error always came at cylinder 69.

astuermer 09 June 2005 00:43

You´re sure you are using DD formatted disks?
Got the same errors years ago, when using a HD disk in the Amiga´s floppy.

witchmaster 09 June 2005 10:20

I'm using DD disks, yes, and its no problem formatting the same disk with amigados, but not with crossdos.

This works with the same disk and drive:
format drive df1: name ami
while this gives cylinder errors:
format drive pc1: name ami

andreas 10 June 2005 21:09


Originally Posted by witchmaster
When I tested a few disks now in the external drive the error always came at cylinder 69.

Looks there is some dirt or dust at this position. Remember the blade-like thing that reads the disk is STATIC and - afaik - does not move around.

Do clean this thing (Q tips and a little bit (!) of isopropanol solution did the trick; just imagine the cleaning of cassette heads ;)). Yes, I know that it's extremely annoying as it's a lot of dismantling and fiddling, but yet, I am happy I went through it with my A1000 internal drive.

TikTok 11 June 2005 00:38

Yep, definitely a dirt issue. Just good luck that the Amiga disks formatted OK I think.

falconfx 11 June 2005 15:11

I used CrossDOS to transfer files Amiga<-->PC some years ago and had some problems with it. Now I use the parallel-port link, though. It's very fast (45-50 kb/s :cool). Returning to your problem, I suggest you to try some PC floppies (1.44MB) on the amiga: insert one in the internal drive (but it should also work with external ones) and format the PC0: drive. Now the floppy should work on both platforms.

Remember to install the appropriate driver in the Sys:Devs/DOSDrivers directory.:D

Hope this will help you.

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