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AB Positive 08 May 2009 17:02

New to the Amiga scene and here
Hello all,

Been lurking for a bit, reading all the neat tech info and everything and have been sort of obsessing over getting an Amiga for a while now.

Thanks to a handy trade I was able to procure an A500 w/ 1MB RAM, mouse and installed NTSC/PAL switch. With the A520 I can put the PAL signal on my 1702 monitor (as I've read some games might want this).

Now, with Amiga Explorer in hand (full version - gotta support the good folks) I just need a null modem cable and I should be able to make some Miggy floppies... right? (I think i got that right... eheheheh)

It only came with Workbench 1.3 and Deluxe Paint (... EA made a paint App? I hate to the term but... "lol")

So now I need a nice work hangout for when I'm bored and can't fire up the Amiga - and you unlucky guys got me :D

I never know what things to put in the "Hi" posts... random facts?

27 yr. old hardware modding gal, cut my teeth on region modding Sega Saturns then mod chips in XBoxes... Xboxen?

The A500 completes my "Jay Miner" shop I've wanted to run as I have a 64K modded Atari 600xl.

Classic gaming historian and rabid watcher of "Gamecenter CX" um... works IT at a middle school here in NH, USA and wholeheartedly recommend any other US folks to homeschool your kids. ;)

... um, yeah. I think that's it for now. :D Hi, I'm Allison, Alli for short or just "AB" - whatever.

DH 08 May 2009 17:22

Welcome to EAB Alli :great

Nice to have a welcoming gal on this board, we are a friendly bunch on here and I/we hope you have a nice stay. Any questions just ask and being a girl, I know they'll get answered very quickly :D

btw. We can also be a bit crazy :crazy

Edit: How come it's taken you 21 days after registration to introduce yourself :confused or have you been checking us lot out first before you commit yourself to the madness :D

Sensi 08 May 2009 17:59

DH, stop with that madness and craziness, dont scare that guy :)

Welcome Allison, there are many helpful people here and some of them are real experts.

AB Positive 08 May 2009 18:20


Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser (Post 545426)
Edit: How come it's taken you 21 days after registration to introduce yourself :confused or have you been checking us lot out first before you commit yourself to the madness :D

Well, I was lurking on a few Amiga boards before committing to one - and when I found (I believe his sn is) Jope's "A1700" mod, and reading the prb.Hardware-Mods section I knew I found a good Amiga home here. I be a thorough researcher! :D

Madness and craziness doesn't scare me. I put my Atari 8-bit online to go on IRC channels, I'll simply feel at home ;)

DH 08 May 2009 18:33

:laughing You have certainly found the best here on the interwebz for the Amiga and the Amiga community :)

gklinger 08 May 2009 19:28

Nice to have you with us.

One thing, using the Amiga on a 1702 via composite will get old quickly. If you get a chance to get an inexpensive 1080/1084/1084s et al, go for it. You'll be able to connect the Amiga via RGB and you'll still have a composite/S-video input.

T_hairy_bootson 08 May 2009 21:28

Welcome aboard AB. :)

cosmicfrog 09 May 2009 20:56

wow we been checked out and accepted by a female wow no WOW hehehe

welcome AB may your stay be as fun and intresting as mine has been

Hi & ribbits

lopos2000 10 May 2009 16:51

Welcome to EAB. Have a nice time.

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