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Kodoichi 26 March 2003 14:55

Tosec sources
Is there any reliable source left for the latest Tosec ADFs, preferably as HTTP?

- Playagain has taken down Tosec
- Emuchina is IE only
- Planetemu only features an old set
- IRC is a pain in the ass with all the people that queue their 50MB-packs
- private FTPs are down exactly when I'd like to download something
- file-sharing programs: I seem to be the only one that shares single ADFs and I don't need 100MB-packs

I just need to download a few ADFs every now and then to compare and rename my non-Tosec ones :|

Ash 26 March 2003 16:31

Join the club, I just check the zone for gold when I can

CPC464 27 March 2003 15:59

I Share ALL my Amiga progs on Kazzaa

I also have a FTP set up so if you tell me what times you want access I will gladly allow you to download whatever you like :)

Enverex 09 May 2003 17:57

E-Donkey also has a huge amount.

BUT..... how are TOSEC's layed out?

I.e. I have my collection in

Games >> LETTER >> GAMENAME >> ADF's

I downloaded a TOSEC update earlier and it just contained the ADFs as is, not in any folders, so am I going to have to go through 4 gig of ADF files and manually catagorise them?
[argh, sig again]

BippyM 09 May 2003 22:12

Right goto either www.clrmame.com
or http://www.romcenter.com/ and download one of the rom managers (Clr is the best imo, but others like rom centre/rom manager)

Goto www.tosec.org and download the dats for the renamer you have just downloaded.

Now you'll notice the dats are split for example Amiga Games #-A so the common sense thing todo is create a folder with the same name as the dat and then REBUILD into that folder or RENAME into that folder (Depending on which rom manager you are using).

Now you'll find it easier to manage the sets, which is alot if you maintain all the different dats :)

hope this helps

Twistin'Ghost 10 May 2003 04:36

I should probably leave WinMX running and share all of my TOSEC stuff, but frankly my TOSEC sets are a complete mixed bag of various versions...it's just too damn much work sending everything through again everytime a new set of dats is released. And that is compounded by the fact that everytime I send files through clrmame, I end up quibbling over the new filename, which sends me into That TOSEC Thread mode...

If I ever get my filenames up to date, I'll share my warez.

Enverex 10 May 2003 13:35

What the hell.....

It puts each file in its own folder, it doesnt put all the files for one game in a folder, just each file (disk 1, disk 2 etc) which is a complete mess.

Is there any way to lay it out like...

A >> Alien Breed >> Disk 1, 2

etc rather than

Alien Breed >> Disk 1 >> Disk 1
Alien breed >> Disk 2 >> Disk 2 ?

Clr would also be alot more useful if it picked up the file name to tell you if it was missing or not, as it only works if you use the stupid folder for every file scheme, and thats not how I want to run stuff because its a complete mess :sad

BippyM 10 May 2003 14:05

Its not a mess, you just want it done differently, for which there is no program (that I know of) that will scan tosec files and "group" them.. sorry

My tosec is laid out the following way:

Bippy's lame attemt at a directory tree/structure ;)

-= MY MISS LISTS =- ; What I miss, tosec and Goodxxx

-= Requests =- ; Requests that users make

Arcade ; Mame etc...

GoodXXX ; Good sets
Nintendo SNES 0.999.5 ; Not complete/up to date

Non Grouped ; Non-tosec/Goodxxx
Acorn ; Archie, BBCM, Electron etc
Atari ; 2600, ST etc..
Commodore ; Amiga, C64 etc....

TOSEC ; My Tosec sets
-= Misc Smaller Sets =- ; Small sets rar'd

Acorn ; Guess whats in here, look below
Acorn 8 Bit Roms (0.35) ; Dat name holding roms
Acorn Archimedes (0.33) ; and again
" " " " " ; All the acorn dats

Apple ; Apple sets
" " " " ; Guess what.. all the sets

Atari ; And another folder range
" " " " ; All Atari sets, grouped

Commodore ; Okay here we go!!!!

Commodore Amiga ; Amiga sets in here
Commodore Amiga - Amix Files (0.03) ; Amix files here
Commodore Amiga - Applications (0.20) ; Apps

anyway you get the idea, its only a mess if you let it be... but I see what you are saying, and as for putting each in its own folder, why not just turn on ZIPPING that way each file goes in its own zip, and WinUAE can read the zips ;)

(Bloody formatting aint working :()

jmmijo 10 May 2003 18:35

Here's how I have my TOSEC folder layed out, a small snippet:

FTP Root -> TOSEC ->

Commodore Amiga - AMIX Files (v0.03)
Commodore Amiga - Applications (v0.20)
Commodore Amiga - CAPS (v0.04)
Commodore Amiga - Compilations (v0.18)
Commodore Amiga - Compilations - Applications (v0.01)
Commodore Amiga - Compilations - Games (v0.18)
Commodore Amiga - Coverdisks (v0.42)
Commodore Amiga - Demos (#-L) (v0.94)
Commodore Amiga - Demos (M-Z) (v0.94)

The above are sub-folders under the main TOSEC folder and then under each of the above listed sub-folders are the actual file-sets themselves. Each in their own .zip compressed format :)

Once you have a way you want to layout your files then I think even CLR should work for you. You can turn off the .zip compression option's in CLR when rebuilding. You just have to use the proper settings under the rebuilder button :D

Twistin'Ghost 11 May 2003 05:47

I have clrmame dump any disks to a temp directory called NEW. From there, I move the files to where I want them. A good dir util and you won't need a renamer program to place files in their ultimate destination.

Most ftp's I see place their TOSEC files in dirs based on the dats they are housed in, but I had my dir structure before there ever was a TOSEC and I more or less still use the same ones (messy as it may be). I have folders for each letter and inside them are only commercial games; if I am unsure of a game's commercial status, I just leave them with the commercial stuff. PD games have their own area. For me, it is important to designate that division, your mileage may vary.

I know I have an ultimate vision of all the files being in this panacea of dir structures which will probably never happen, but I try to keep it all somewhat navigable.

mtb 11 May 2003 12:43

Kazaa, winmx, romcenter and clrmame: only for windows :(

jmmijo 11 May 2003 16:57


Originally posted by mtb
Kazaa, winmx, romcenter and clrmame: only for windows :(
I've never checked for similar apps on the Amiga, does anybody know if something like the above even exist :confused

Twistin'Ghost 12 May 2003 04:03


Originally posted by jmmijo
I've never checked for similar apps on the Amiga, does anybody know if something like the above even exist :confused
Well, there certainly exists some limited filesharing software (last time I looked), although one probably does not have the same mobs of users that the PeeCee apps do. As for TOSEC renaming, I can't envision such a tool existing on the Amiga with the current filename limitation.

mtb 12 May 2003 10:56

I'm not looking for something for the amiga ( no internet connection ) but for linux :(

Mr Creosote 12 May 2003 14:02

mtb: lmule, mldonkey, official eDonkey2000 client, GNapster, gtk-gnutella, Limewire,.....

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