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JimDrew 28 October 2014 01:27

680x0 tester
Does anyone know of a 680x0 CPU test program? I would imagine that something had to be created at some point to test the 68K CPU emulation in UAE?

Toni Wilen 28 October 2014 10:01

Nope. CPU emulator (or more like CPU emulator code generator) was already mostly complete when I started working with UAE.

I don't think there was big need for test programs because all UAE CPU emulators are 100% generated code, from single generator code, generator code itself is quite simple and final code is built from small blocks (calculate ea if needed, load if memory operation, do operation, generate flags, store if needed) so if something is wrong, most instructions will also break :)

alexh 28 October 2014 14:11

You could ask Neill Corlett / James Boulton / Arnaud Carre.

They wrote/improved/maintained the 68000 emulator used on the Atari ST emulator SainT.

Because the Atari ST is so sensitive to instruction timing for it's demo techniques the 680x0 core of SainT has had to be improved over the years for bit and cycle accuracy.

Or Karl Stenerud who wrote Musashi which is another 680x0 emulator.

JimDrew 28 October 2014 20:44

OK thanks. When I wrote the 68040 CPU emulation for FUSION (x86 assembly), I had a 68040 Amiga sitting next to the PC and I could check things as I went. Now I wish I would have kept all of those test routines. :\

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