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NLS 02 February 2008 21:13

How does the ROM scanner work?
(from the list of -my personal, it seems, as nobody else talks about it- issues with the ROM scanner)

Does it really scan the ROM for the version?

I just downloaded 1.4.6 and of course it whined the I don't have the "new" for 1.4.6 2.03 A3000 ROM 37.132.

I don't have it indeed but I tried from my TOSEC the "Kickstart v2.04 r37.175 (1991)(Commodore)(A3000)" I have.

Well... it passed.
I thought that maybe that it is 2.04 and for A3000 is good enough for WinUAE. Then I got into Hardware/ROM properties... and it reports me as selectable (telling me that I DO have it) 37.132!

So... either TOSEC 37.175 is really 37.132... or WinUAE does something wrong.

What is it?

thor 02 February 2008 21:36

It doesn't scan the ROM for version. There's a list with info and hashes in memory.c, WinUAE calculates hashes for the files in the ROM path and if they match it uses them. 37.132 for that ROM is the exec.library version, 37.175 is the ROM version (same revision as A500+ 2.04 ROM), so the revision stored in the info is wrong (version/revision as found at offset 12).

NLS 02 February 2008 22:07

Thanks for the hash info.

(I knew the rest - but stupidly enough I didn't check)

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