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thinlega 24 January 2004 14:19

Zero-G Datafile Amiga Music Samples
Has anyone got the "Zero-G Datafile Amiga Music Samples" discs???

...as advertised in Cu Amiga June 1992

I know its a long shot....;)

FromWithin 24 January 2004 15:44

This was probably one of the standard ZeroG data files discs with "Amiga" written on the advert.

Get hold of Zero G Datafiles 1 and you've got almost all of the samples used on Tim's music for the first Wipeout. He's such a cheap whore. :)

They are pretty bad discs though, as far as legality is concerned (which is probably why you can't buy them from ZeroG anymore. Stunningly copyright-infringing. There are Jarre samples and all sorts of stuff on there. Well dodgy.

adrdesign 07 December 2015 02:59

Hope it worth the time, resurrecting this old post.

I´ve converted the Zero-G Datafile One for all our miggies for preservation and study. All samples have been converted an enhanced using SOX. Samplerate is 17000, standard for this kind of sample library.

Some important drum loops & samples here, seems to have the most famous samples from rave era:

Acen Trip II the moon loop, among others
Prodigy One Love vocal sample, alarm synth from No good, among other stabs and loops.
Haddaway What is love vocals
Lotus II & III loops, guitars, basses and drums
Urban Shakedown loops & drums


Please, first read the disclaimer. Hope you like it!

PS:After a while, it will uploaded to the eab file server.
PS2: Coming soon, Datafile Two!!!

daxb 07 December 2015 14:19

Thanks for your work!


Samplerate is 17000, standard for this kind of sample library.
Can you explain that a bit?

adrdesign 07 December 2015 14:46


Originally Posted by daxb (Post 1054737)
Thanks for your work!

Can you explain that a bit?

Besides the original cd is 44100 16bit, the real sampling rate for these sounds is 17000hz, based on de Zero-G datafile breakbeats floppies (which were available for amiga). It allow to speed up those loops to "jungle/breakbeat" bpm and doesn´t sound too bad.

I bet most of the non-synth samples from the CD were prepared in amiga, then triggered using a sampler for the CD recording.

I´ve got also a 22050hz version, samples are >65534 and will be cut in protracker, and the quality difference isn´t noticeable.

Akira 07 December 2015 18:24

I think I have the floppies somewhere. Would be interesting to compare with ADR's conversion.

adrdesign 28 October 2018 03:43

After a long period, I managed to convert not only Zero-G Datafiles but also Jungle Warfare Series. All tracks have been chopped from CDDA, maximized and converted to 16574hz 8 bit using foobar2000 (great resampling options). Hope u like it, see you soon with new sample packs.


wazza 28 October 2018 10:51

Wow, thanks for these! I converted Jungle Warfare 1 a while back myself, but don't have the other packs. Thanks for your effort in these and the other packs I have downloaded from you in the past. If I ever get around to finishing any tunes with them I will let you know!

wilshy 10 November 2018 10:02

Absolutely stellar work ADR! Thank you so much.

Veaux 01 January 2019 22:36

Just unbelievable! Thanks a lot for this conversion.

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