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keropi 05 September 2008 18:38

Cloning the Vortex GoldenGate Monitor Master...
The Monitor Master offers automatic monitor=switching between an ISA VGA and the Amiga video signal... The device is fairly simple to clone , but I worry that the TI chip next to the yellow switch has protected content... can someone confirm this? It has the TI logo and 234 302K sn74S157N , a Quadruple 2-Line to 1-Line Selector/Multiplexer
I have no idea what it does, I just opened mine in order to actually see if it can be done... someone else will build the clones :lol


hit 05 September 2008 20:28

no clue, but found a datasheet:

papa_november 05 September 2008 22:41

It's a simple TTL logic chip.

keropi 05 September 2008 22:47


Originally Posted by papa_november (Post 455543)
It's a simple TTL logic chip.

so, we just find the same and solder it there? no programming at all?

TheCorfiot 05 September 2008 23:10


Hello my friend, yes it is a std off the shelf TTL chip, no programming required & replacement can be dropped in


rkauer 06 September 2008 03:55

And better: lots of equivalents! the piece is a TTL 74S157, so any 74 or 54 (military grade) with the middle letters S, F or LS will work.


keropi 06 September 2008 09:50

excellent news then! :spin

Jakodemus 03 July 2011 22:21

Yes, I know this is an old thread, but has anyone tried to reproduce Monitor Master?

Cameraman 01 September 2017 17:31

Very old thread, but I'm in the process of cloning the Vortex Monitor Master...
Soldering one as we speak...


grelbfarlk 07 September 2017 03:37

Is this somehow better than Ratte's Auto Switcher? It sounds very similar that the auto switching is serial activated, but I think Ratte's can also use Parallel, never used that part though.

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