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alkis21 01 August 2002 12:31

Barbarian (?)
This is a long shot, but what the heck.. First time I saw an Amiga in a shop, a game was loaded. It was a left-to-right scrolling game. The character looked like the Shadows of the Beast's hero, IIRC. The controls (walk, run, hit etc.) were displayed at the bottom of the screen and you used the mouse to select them. I think it was called Barbarian. I'd love to see it again for nostalgia's sake. Does it ring any bells?

Walker 01 August 2002 12:46

1 Attachment(s)
Barbarian (Psygnosis):

alkis21 01 August 2002 12:51

Wow..thanks Walker, that's the one! Does anyone know where I can get it from?

Drake1009 01 August 2002 13:25

And how do you get it to work >_< Either my version is knackered or you need to do something special.

Burge 01 August 2002 14:45

The one-on-one Barbarian is 10 times better.

Drake1009 01 August 2002 15:25

Depending on wether you have someone to go one-on-one against or not.

Bloodwych 01 August 2002 16:55


Originally posted by Burge
The one-on-one Barbarian is 10 times better.
He-yeah! scheep!

*head falls to floor*


Akira 01 August 2002 20:05

I always preferred the C64 version than the Amiga one!

Gotta love that gnome bastard that comes to kick your head ..

gnuk-gnuk-gnuk-gnuk-gnuk :D

Uukrul 01 August 2002 21:28

CPC version kick the ass of your C64 version :D

Bloodwych 01 August 2002 22:12

Atari ST version was the Daddy!

Star Wars, Super Sprint and BARBARIAN (Palace) were the first 16 bit titles I owned on a good old Atari ST! (well copied ;) )

alkis21 06 August 2002 11:54

I searched for the game and I found it at Planet Emulation.. however it's described as "Barbarian II 1991 Psygnosis". The year can't be right, can it? I'm positive I saw it in 1987, and that's the date on the screenshot above as well. Is it a later release?

Walker 06 August 2002 12:40

It's listed as "Barbarian (1987)(Psygnosis)[cr Major Rom]" at PlanetEmu.

The 1991 release is the sequel.

alkis21 06 August 2002 12:59

Duh! Thanks for stating the bloody obvious.

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