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Dazzastar 28 April 2006 17:29

Can someone please help me find a few roms
I own the original roms and I still have an A600 although the amiga is out of order but there are 4 games I really loved and I cant find there roms in working order these are.

1) SWOS Aka. Sensible World Of Soccer
2) Valhalla
3) On The Ball
4) It Came From The Desert And/Or Antheads.

Thanks In advance if I cant find them I will have to go out and see if I can find a cheap Amiga

Ironclaw 28 April 2006 17:36

All on planetemu.net

Dazzastar 28 April 2006 17:47

Ok cheers but how do you download them, they keep freezing when downloading is it because I am using DAP

Ironclaw 28 April 2006 17:49

Donno what DAP is. Maybe someone here could download them and Zone them for you. I can't cuz of my extremely slow upload speed.

Dazzastar 28 April 2006 17:50

DAP = Download Accelerator Pro mate I'll keep trying it would be easier if the pc could read Amiga discs like I said I still have 100's of them.

DamienD 28 April 2006 17:57

I believe downloaded managers do not work with Planetemu because of the Telecharger system and the way in which it sets a timer. It's to stop people leeching like crazy ..

Switch off DAP and you'll be ok ;)

Dazzastar 28 April 2006 19:17

OK thanx a lot

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