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Anubis 29 October 2019 21:01

Happy Birthday Internet
On Today Day Internet is 50!


Who would guess in 1969 how this little thing will change world... allow me to write this today... :)

SquawkBox 30 October 2019 02:49

Someone from EAB had to create such birthday thread, congrats for doing so. Internet is 50 years old, but it wasn't until 1994 that dial up connection started to emerge in France, you had to buy one of these external 56k/33,6k modems (I still have one at my place, just for the sake of it). Online gambling sites were burgeoning, MS-DOS integrists made it clear they considered Windows 95 users to be dummies, and PS1 was the rage in our smoke-filled rooms.

https://giphy.com/gifs/90s-internet-12ct7vnFbngHsY :cool

chip 30 October 2019 07:58

I can ONLY talk well of Internet

Anyway it's not my interest to start a discussion on the various aspects of the net

But the truth for my person is that during these last 3 years the net IS my life actually

I spend SO much (wonderful) time with it that i join to this happy birthday :agree

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