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Juz400 25 October 2019 22:07

Call our Boards Now for the latest
This brought back a few memories


Anyone else sit up hours during the night dialing 0800 numbers to see what was at the other end?

redblade 27 October 2019 06:22

Yes I did, I used to dial 1000+ numbers a week. Found C5 lines to Sweden, Indonesia, Citibank Venezuela, Portugual. Pbxs in Australia and US.

Those were fun times when the password was 1234, 9999 or the Mail box numbers. Also found a lot of computers, some you just dropped right in to the server and they had free telnet access which was great in 1999-2001 when the internet was expensive $2.50NZD a hour to $40NZD a month for unlimited dialup in 2000.

Chicken Dialer 2.5 was great but I used to use ADW-004b Arrested Dialer workshop, which had a frequency scanner and a DTMF dialer. So I had that on the bottom half of the screen and Cygnus Ed at the top half of the screen with all my dialing results. Or were those screens the other way around!?!?!

Dialing through Australian Pbxs in the weekend to box their home country directs just to get shitty 1200bps connections. Great for voice calls though.

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