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liquidsmoke 24 October 2019 20:10

What are JST games?
i was looking on the grantis ftp site, and alongside WHDload games is a folder containing games in JST format

what are those?

malko 24 October 2019 20:48



http://obligement.free.fr/articles/itwfabre.php ;)

Retro1234 24 October 2019 21:00

JST was before WHDload but was recently updated, JST can even run WHDload slaves and works on Kick 1.3 and also a feature to remap Keys to CD32 controller.

turrican3 25 October 2019 01:22

JST rocks !!! :great:great:greathis installations for games on hd made me stay on amiga.

:agree JST rulez !!! :agree ;)

jotd 25 October 2019 22:10

To be exact, WHDLoad was created before JST (a few months before AFAIR). I think John Girvin (?) convinced me to start my own game loader system after Abaddon & I used some link code to create standalone installers.

Now the main interest of JST is to run whdload games on kickstart 1.3, and with controller remap. But there are also bugs/limitations. Favor whdload if you don't need JST.

Retro1234 25 October 2019 22:16

Never knew that had loads of JST installs back in the day mainly from Amiga Format CDs but only remember a few WHDload installs.

jotd 25 October 2019 22:45

Many games were available as HD installed as JST first, then were rewritten using whdload (using or not the original JST source for hints)

Then Harry created some macros to help us convert JST slaves to whdload slaves easily (that helped to convert the bulk of JST slaves I had written which didn't exist in whdload format). That helped me to focus on writing whdload slaves instead of wasting my time trying to make JST better than whdload :)

Then I slowly dropped that macro system to create real whdload source code slaves (much better). Been doing this for almost 20 years now.

malko 26 October 2019 00:14

Regarding this thread, hope that you will have some time in a near future for a new JST release (6.2 ?) ;)

Frog 26 October 2019 01:50

JST was also nice to launch game/tool/exe file that don't run on Amiga 1200 directly from from the workbench

Retro1234 26 October 2019 11:45

Some games also ran on low specs with Lowmem and HDLoad


Originally Posted by Frog (Post 1354199)
JST was also nice to launch game/tool/exe file that don't run on Amiga 1200 directly from from the workbench

Forgot about that JST execute

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