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Mangar 01 August 2006 03:58

Problem with 1.3 using Fullscreen mode
If I try any of the fullscreen modes the emulator crawls. It's as if I'm running the emulator on a 486. I'm using the default winuae settings. I have a fairly fast system and have not had a problem like this before. I have used winuae since 0.8.6. I am using Windows Vista but I see a few others using Vista and it works fine.

Could someone help?

Mangar 03 August 2006 04:18

I have some more information. This only happens when I'm using the standard configuration. If I select either fullscreen mode and change the cpu and enable jit it works fine. If I select the A500 setup it crawls. Like less than a frame per second. Is anyone else having this problem with Windows Vista?

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