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@UAE 11 June 2005 08:49

Cannot Quit WB
I cannot quit Wb 3.9 , it says there are 11 wb running .
i did not opened 11 Wb !!. and how to force it to shutdown ?

Thank you

BippyM 11 June 2005 09:59

uhmm.. just turn it off!!!

Its not like PC you wont harm anything!

and it means there are 11 WB tasks running (programs opened via WB)

kriz 11 June 2005 12:50

yup, just turn it off ! :) As long as there is no writing to the disk you are 100% safe....

Bamiga2002 11 June 2005 13:03

Try this for your needs: http://main.aminet.net/util/misc/AtLast.lha

kriz 11 June 2005 14:56

Short: At last! Reboot from WB's Quit menu!
Author: James L Boyd & Curt Esser
Uploader: jamesboyd@all-hail.freeserve.co.uk
Type: util/misc
Requires: reqtools.library
Version: 1.0

This little program goes into your WBStartup drawer,
and whenever you select the Workbench "Quit" menu
option, you'll be asked if you want to reboot.

Tested (briefly, admittedly) with Enforcer; try it!

(Hint : try turning off the Flash option in your
Prefs/Sound program. Saves a lot of "unpleasantness" ;)

Quit it with a Ctrl-C command from XOpa or similar.

Oh, better point out, this IS definitely a hack! See
how it runs on your system!

Please send feedback!



tin 11 June 2005 15:21

LOL "it is always safe to turn off your amiga" (unless of course you forgot to save your work before turning off ;-))

jmbattle 12 June 2005 07:05

I would recommend setting-up some kind of script, as per AIAB.


Bamiga2002 12 June 2005 15:49

I've ripped that shutdown script ages ago for my real Amiga ;)

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