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amigappc 16 January 2021 10:32

Genesis Demo and 3.9 key hangs on A600?


On A1200 it works with OS 3.9 key

On A600 (68000), if I use demo version (limited to 30 minutes) Genesis works. Hovever, If I add the same key from above in LIBS: program hangs (I see it in SnoopDOS),

really strange issue. I mean, I can use demo for time to time file transfer, but I would like to get to bottom of this.

amigappc 16 January 2021 10:52

For example. starting genesis hangs on AmiTCP:libs/genesislogger.library
nothing loads after that

If I start GenesisPrefs, it hangs afer loading LIBS:asl.library

If I start GenesisWizars, it hangs after LIBS:genesiskey.library OK

So, it loads key with OK, but hangs later. With demo key it works. How strange is that?

Samurai_Crow 16 January 2021 16:16

It requires a 68020, doesn't it?

amigappc 16 January 2021 18:20

No, has 68000 support and it works as a demo app

amigappc 16 January 2021 20:54

Key isn't a problem.


ramlib Load AmiTCP:libs/genesislogger.library

After this it stops loading. Libraries are on correct place.

Maybe key from OS3.9 unlocks certain functions of genesis that result with higher load that makes lower powered machine to hang? Just guessing.

amigappc 16 January 2021 22:43

OK, further testing. I pulled of SD HDD form A600 and opened in UAE on PC, with similar computer settings as real Amiga 600.
It will not open Genesis there as well (with key form OS3.9)
However, when I changed processor to 020, it opened Genesis Prefs, Genesis GUI started to open but reported AmiTCP kernel error, probably because of different CPU than it was installed for.
It opened deadly slow, much slower than Demo opens on real Amiga.

If I am not mistaken, maybe Genesis OS 3.9 key is licensed for 020 (and above) cpus, and this Aminet genesis version had different licensing and different keys?

I do not, know, if someone knows better, please write. Thanks.

Rotzloeffel 29 January 2021 12:35


Originally Posted by amigappc (Post 1454503)
I do not, know, if someone knows better, please write. Thanks.

The Version included in OS 3.9 requires a 020 or better and its Licence is for OS 3.9 only. For a Plain 68000 System i prefer Roadshow, which works on 68000

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