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Welshieinnz 30 July 2008 13:20

What do you use your Amiga's for?

Back in the day I used to own an A500 then the magnificent A1200 but then sold them to move into the PC world. I now messa round with WinUAE and can't believe how strong the Amiga community actually is. This got me wondering as o what you guys do on them? Can you still get software etc?

Would be ineresting to know.


Im even contemplating buying a 1200 for old time's sake :)

StrategyGamer 30 July 2008 13:24

We have friends over for a Total Chaos party every week. :spin

killergorilla 30 July 2008 13:27

I play games on it, dabble with DPaint and at the moment, compile AmigaE code on it.

Don't use it for anything else really, just to stave off the boredom. :)

Welshieinnz 30 July 2008 13:28

Good to see people are still using them though. Fantastic machines, loads of good memories.

Yoto 30 July 2008 13:36

Same as KG except for the AmigaE code compilation.:)

killergorilla 30 July 2008 13:41


Originally Posted by Yotoxionomai (Post 438887)
Same as KG except for the AmigaE code compilation.:)

To be honest I compile it on WinUAE actually... so same as you :)

alexh 30 July 2008 14:03

Classic games and demos, mainly using WHDload

TCD 30 July 2008 14:55

A bit of gaming on my A500. A lot of gaming, watching demos and using music programs with WinUAE ;)

keropi 30 July 2008 15:10


pmc 30 July 2008 15:33

I use mine for playing games every now and then when I'm in the mood but mostly for dabbling about (with varying degrees of success!) with 68k assembly language coding.

Paul_s 30 July 2008 15:43

Games - i still use floppy disks to get the full Amiga effect. None of this WHDLoad nonsense :D :p

killergorilla 30 July 2008 16:01


Originally Posted by Paul_s (Post 438929)
Games - i still use floppy disks to get the full Amiga effect. None of this WHDLoad nonsense :D :p

You sir, are a fool :laughing:p

Charlie 30 July 2008 16:23


Yoto 30 July 2008 16:38


Games - i still use floppy disks to get the full Amiga effect. None of this WHDLoad nonsense :D :p
Disks are great ninja shuriken stars:D

TCD 30 July 2008 16:52


Originally Posted by Yotoxionomai (Post 438958)
Disks are great ninja shuriken stars:D

Ah no, they have bad aeronautical attributes :D Just use some old CD's and cut them to look like ninja stars :agree This way you will get even more friends at school :laughing

Paul_s 30 July 2008 17:00


Originally Posted by killergorilla (Post 438937)
You sir, are a fool :laughing:p

:lol Nout like the grinding of the old girl :D

Vast majority of Amiga stuff though I love is all on the CD32 anyway so I'm quite happy running everything off CD :)

Xenon 30 July 2008 17:01

I use it mainly for gaming and musical purposes. I have a original and legit whdload and also I have Octamed SoundStudio downloaded from official website. Sometimes I use it for IRC chat or other purposes, like small docs with WordWorth. I have some problems because I don't have FPU so I will try to buy one. Get a 68030+ accelerator is very difficult, but well, my Amiga 1200 can be used for a lot of daily purposes :D

alphonsus 30 July 2008 17:37

The odd game - Settlers, A-Train, SimCity 2000 - think you get the idea of the genre (always hated populous, though).

Demonstrating things to kids at school (I'm an IT teacher, having once been a science teaacher) becuase the Amiga is brirlliant at showing some things a PC is naff at demonstrating - decent CLI, screenmodes where you can see RAM usage change, screenmode frequencies, the fact it boots really quickly, the fact it's older than all the kids! :D Plus it's such a simple OS that it's easy to explain what's going on and then use as an analogy for the PC.

The old bit of DPaint.

And finally and most importantly, FinalWriter - surely the best word processor ever written. Soooooooooooooooooo much nicer than Word because it doesn't try to guess what you're trying to do and then be 'helpful'. The grammar checker works properly, the index works (unlike Word, which doesn't have one really) the contents generation system works in a user-friendly manner. Styles work ditto, the list goes on!

Sune Salminen 30 July 2008 17:50

The Amiga 500 I gave away before moving to Brazil lives in a rehearsal studio in Copenhagen and, if it's still working, is now being used solely for the noble purpose of playing Sensible Soccer.

It has a 512kb trapdoor memory expansion, external 3.5 Cumana drive, an Alcotini Stereo Sound Sampler, a really cool trackball I found in a thrift store once, several joysticks and a Philips CM-8833 monitor. Also there's a non-working spare A500 (I plugged the floppy drive in backwards once and killed it :banghead ).

I used it to make music and play games. Here's a photo of some of my friends playing "Sensi" on it in my apartment back in 2005.


klx300r 30 July 2008 18:16

play games,make music, mess around with the os...basically have a fun time & get away from the peecee world for a while:p

do yourself a favour and get a real 1200 if you can....if you were/are passionate for miggy then theres nothing that compares to messing with the REAL thing;)

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