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ZEUSDAZ 15 August 2019 23:49

R-Type Final vs Gradius V (PS2) - Which is Best?
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Well It's that time again for another "VS" video.
Last month it was the Streets of Rage Megadrive trilogy pitted against each other, SOR2 came 1st, SOR1 came 2nd with SOR3 coming in last place.

This is the August edition of "Which is Best?" and this edition It's the PS2's turn with R-Type Final (R-Type V) going against Gradius V on the PS2?!, which do you think is the better game?!,...only your votes will determine that.


Voting closes 15th September.

Shatterhand 15 August 2019 23:56


Do you really think R-Type Final will get ANY vote?

Gradius V is one of the greatest shmups ever made, insanely good and well polished.

R-Type Final is a big dissapointment which is plagued by heavy slowdown and boring level design.

My vote is obvious, but I'll be really surprised if this isn't a huge victory for Gradius V. Nah, I'll be surprised even if one single person chooses R-Type Final over Gradius V having played both games.

DamienD 16 August 2019 00:02

Only ever played Gradius V in the arcades and on PS2; never even heard of / tried R-Type Final.

From briefly watching the video though; R-Type Final seemed very dull and has lost all that was good by going too 3D.

So for me it definitely Gradius V ;)

malko 16 August 2019 00:09

Neither played R-Type final nor Gradius V but as a big fan of the Gradius' serie on Arcade halls : "Gradius V".

-Acid- 16 August 2019 00:11

Gradius V is epic.. never played RTF (even though I own it) but i'd be surprised if it was better than that.

Shatterhand 16 August 2019 00:12


From briefly watching the video though; R-Type Final seemed kinda dull and seemed to have lost all that was good by going too 3D.
R-Type Delta is 3D and isn't as bad as Final. Its a very worth addition to the series. Maybe not as good as the previous game but still good.

But Final is just a huge letdown. I remember when the game still hasn't been released, the Korean version leaked to the internet. People downloaded and everyone believed that was a beta version because there's no way a commercial release would be that slow and plagued by so much slowdown.

Comes the official release and.... we find out that korean version was the real deal.

They bothered so much with the "OH MY GOD 204981890841 DIFFERENT SHIPS TO UNLOCK" and seem to have forgotten to actually design a cool game to play with those ships.

ZEUSDAZ 16 August 2019 01:20


Originally Posted by Shatterhand (Post 1338925)

Do you really think R-Type Final will get ANY vote?

Well there's been a few so far ;-)

Steril707 16 August 2019 07:50

They both look awesome (haven't played any of them).

vulture 16 August 2019 09:14

R-Type for me, now I'll just go and hide before everybody starts laughing at me :p

sneckburger 16 August 2019 13:36

I really liked R-type Final on the PS2 TBH.

Gzegzolka 16 August 2019 14:32

Gradius :) but my answer would be different if you ask about r type delta.

Gilbert 16 August 2019 18:52

R-Type Final is a strange game, it doesn't compare that well with traditional scrolling schmups. Personally I don't like it. I bought Edge Magazine 100 Best Games Ever this year and R-type Final was in there. So someone likes it a lot!

Gradius V on PS2 is just stunning. One of the best schmups ever.

Steril707 17 August 2019 05:36

This thread is interesting to me.
I am an old R-Type fan, but never played R-Type Final. Always wanted to.

Everything I have seen from that game looks awesome to me.
The vibe I get from this is very different from the old games, though, imo.

Instead of frantic twitchy shooting, this game seems to have more kind of a "stoic" character. Hard to explain.

rare_j 17 August 2019 13:33

R-Type final is a really nice game in a lot of ways and I enjoyed it a lot.
The framerate issues take the shine off it quite a bit. Gradius V never really grabbed me.
No that it isn't the better game, I just never felt like playing it more than ten minutes, wheeras I saw R-Type Final right through to the (rather confused) ending.

So I'm going for R-Type Final, and that's not a recommendation.

Steril707 17 August 2019 17:54

I just love that feeling that the atmosphere of RTF gives me.
It's like the Bydo are the victim here...

saimon69 19 August 2019 18:31


Originally Posted by Steril707 (Post 1339361)
I just love that feeling that the atmosphere of RTF gives me.
It's like the Bydo are the victim here...

In a way humans and bydo did bite each other's ass in an ouroboros on the never ending story style: humans made bydo, sent it back on time where bydo do trouble, humans kick ass of bydo with bydo, bydo comes back and so on...

in Final LOVED stage two with the fight in the city, ambulances running in the background, and you can realize that the several incarnation ofclass R ships are just the size of an helicopter...

ZEUSDAZ 17 September 2019 01:51

R-type final - 15 votes, gradius v - 19 votes, gradius v wins!
Thanks to all of you who took part in the voting! :-d

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