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sTe 29 May 2019 13:20

AmigaForever and EADF / RAW Files
Ive raised a support request from the website, but not had any replies.

I thought i'd mention it here... incase this gets more focus or to at least get it out there.

When you boot up a system, and select the disk icon to insert a floppy disk, it has a selection of known types. I would like the following extensions to be added :

EADF -- Extended ADF file.
RAW -- Kryoflux Free dump

If I select these files from the file selector (all files) ... it doesn't recognise the file extension and refuses to try and open the file. However, if I drag and drop the files into the emulation screen they work without problems.

However, I did notice if I try to "write protect" the file(s) it caused it to crash. Not sure if this was because the disk was just inserted and in use as I tried to write-protect it.

Out of curiosity ... is there a generic option where I can treat all floppies as write protected? Until I manually select change to not be write protected?

Arnie 13 June 2019 21:09

Had a play with this and the only the eadf files wouldn't load for me, strange.

Even stranger is that unofficial ipf's wont load for me.

sTe 17 June 2019 12:40

The eadf that I created for myself worked for me, also for the IPF ... you have to make sure you install the SPS Decoder library.

sTe 11 July 2019 15:03

Raised another request for this as I havent had any replies back. Also noted that if a ADF is zipped in a zip file, it wont open that either from the file selector ... I think it recognises .adz ... but I am not going to rename all my files. Requested they allow any files to be selected and inserted, and then leave it up to the actual emulator to handle it / not handle it.

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