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Anachronist 18 November 2018 06:14

$100+ bounty, make script to compile Amiga source
Hey all! I have the source(and the binaries) of an Amiga program called RPGBBS that is a text game for CNET BBS. There are some issues with it and there are some improvements that I would like to make. However, while I'm a crack AREXX programmer I don't know any C.
This is a *really* popular game on my board and I'd love to have a script that compiles the source for me so I can start poking around in the code and learning as I go. I have the SAS/C compiler on my system and have compiled before with such a script. I know that it's not much but I'll pay $100 to anyone who can do this. Since it's already for the Amiga I'm hoping that it won't take long. I do know that it may need some tweaking. If it takes more effort then I can pay a bit more. Anyone interested kindly email me at:

dpatkelly@gmail.com. Thanks!

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