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Gene 03 December 2017 00:27

DVD drive in a 2000?
I have a (NTSC) with a Blizzard 040 card running OS 3.5.

I have a SCSI HD, (Of course) and a CD rom drive, which I think is ideal for transferring info from my PC to the Amiga.

I wonder if I can use a DVD drive in it's place? I know it's a scsi cd rom drive, did anyone make a scsi DVD drive?

I also have a HD drive from my defunct A3000T, Would it need drivers to use with the 2000?


jmmijo 03 December 2017 01:09

Well a quick Google search seems to find a ton of SCSI Optical Drives for sale.

Also found this forum post from 2006 about which maybe the best SCSI Optical drives around that time frame.


Gene 03 December 2017 16:37

replying to my own post:

Would the new scsi drive need a specific driver?

Daedalus 04 December 2017 01:08

SCSI DVD drives aren't as common as IDE drives, but they do exist. If you do grab one, it should be a drop-in replacement for your CD-ROM drive, and should work for reading CDs with no changes needed (assuming you use the same SCSI ID). DVDs are another matter - not every CD filesystem reads DVDs, but some do. From memory, AllegroCDFS does, but I can't guarantee that. It might be the case that the 3.5 driver (CacheCDFS I think) supports DVDs already - no harm in trying.

The device driver may have issues with discs over 4GB in size, depending on the SCSI hardware driver. OS 3.5 fixes that for the internal IDE drivers, but I don't know what the situation is on the Blizzard 2040. I do know that the latest 1230scsi.device has no problem with larger drives so the chances are that the 2040 is a similar story.

As for the HD drive, I take it that's a HD floppy drive? It should work in much the same way as the 3000 - the I/O hardware is essentially the same. If it needed drivers on the 3000, it'll need them on the 2000. If not, it won't.

ptyerman 04 December 2017 05:49

My A2000 uses a IDE DVD/RW drive connected through a Acard SCSI to IDE bridge. SCSI DVD drives are hard to find and require a mortgage when you do find one!
You can read and write DVD's with Amiga OS no problem, but you won't play video DVD's obviously.

Daedalus 04 December 2017 22:51

Readers are common enough and you can get them relatively cheaply if you look around. For example. It's DVD burners that are like hen's teeth, and priced accordingly. ACard SCSI-IDE bridges and similar are an option as well, but again these tend to be crazy money. Still might be cheaper if it's a DVD burner you need.

voyager_1701e 05 December 2017 11:54

I got 9(think it was 9) SCSI slot load DVD drives from a cheap drive tower from eBay a couple of years ago. I sold most of them now...but 1 is working happily with my A4000 via the Cyberstorm MK2 SCSI interface
I can't recall trying DVD discs in it however...

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