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Shekster 04 August 2012 09:38

Magazine Scans
Hi Team

I have quite a few magazines that I will scan and add to this site. Just a few questions first:

1) I notice that a lot of the scans on the site do not have every page - adverts are often left out, but quite often so are hardware and application reviews, application tutorials, etc. I'm quite happy to scan every page although that will obviously take longer, but if you are only interested in covers, contents and game reviews, then I don't want to waste my time on the other stuff. Alternatively, I don't want to scan just these, toss the magazines and then find out that people are after the other stuff. So would you prefer the whole magazine or not?

2) If you prefer the whole magazine, do you want scans of missing pages for magazines that have already been posted?

If you could let me know the above, I will scan one magazine soon to see if I do it the way that you want.

Once I have scanned the magazines, I have no use for them, and therefore plan to dump them.

Jackster 04 August 2012 14:53

I would love to see complete mags and not ones with bits missing.

I never read any as at the time they where out I was 4-5 :P

But would love to read them on my tablet in full :)

I think it is best to scan the whole thing as every scanner is different and would make it look different to previous ones.

Shekster 05 August 2012 14:25

Amiga Computing June 1995

I have scanned Amiga Computing June 1995, without adverts and other rubbish.

Now for the stupid question - how do I send them? I have just downloaded FileZilla, but what is the Server Address, Port, and Administration Password (if required)? Or should I be doing something else? I'm sure there is something on the site to tell me how, but i've spent ages looking for it (i'm familar with computers, but not FTP).

Jackster 06 August 2012 04:30

Where are you publishing them to?

I am sure abime.net would allow you to send them the scans if they don't already have them.

There are also other sites that would take them if they have not got the same issue.

If you want them on your own site then that is where FileZilla comes in useful.

It will allow you to upload a PDF/image and then on your site either have a PDF/image embed or a link to the file for people to download on to their computers.

Shekster 06 August 2012 11:25

Amazing Amiga
I've uploaded the April 1993 edition of "Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga". All paqes included other than adverts and the Fred Fish listing. Maybe that's more than is required, but it's a good place to start from.

This is my first upload, so please let me know if all is okay. If fine, I have a lot more to upload. I'll upload the June 1995 Amiga Computing edition when I get access to an A3 scanner later this week to avoid stitching the pages.

Codetapper 06 August 2012 13:36

The scans look fine to me, it's now online... :)

Shekster 07 August 2012 07:01

Amazing Amiga May 1993
Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga, May 1993 now uploaded.

Shekster 07 August 2012 07:16

Various Amazing Amiga Covers & Contents
Uploaded some older "Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga" covers and contents. Unfortuneately, that's all that I have left of them.

Note that the existing April 1989 cover is in the wrong location. It is the March/April 1995 cover.

Shekster 07 August 2012 08:50

Floppy Pix
I have uploaded a number of missing floppy disk pictures for various magazines. Note that these are only the pictures of the disks and are not the executable disk files as I can't currently copy them, but I am looking into that.

Shekster 08 August 2012 11:45

Amazing Amiga June 1993
"Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga" June 1993 edition now uploaded.

Shekster 11 August 2012 07:02

Amazing Amiga July 1993
"Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga" July 1993 edition now uploaded.

Shekster 12 August 2012 14:51

Amazing Amiga Sep 1993
"Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga" September 1993 edition now uploaded.

Shekster 19 August 2012 13:15

Amazing Amiga Oct 1993
"Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga" October 1993 edition now uploaded.

Jumpyspider 09 January 2013 13:19

I have Amiga Power magazines to scan but no access to an A3 scanner. Do you have any tips on how I might do it with an A4 one. I don't mind removing the pages from the magazine to aid the work. Also what dpi should I do? is it 300?

Codetapper 09 January 2013 18:59

Jumpyspider: If you are scanning the early issues of Amiga Power, I wouldn't bother with the A4 method. Stitching pages together is a nightmare, and I now have the full set of APs and a fast A3 scanner at my work.

I generally scan mags at 300 dpi and resize them down (otherwise each page would be about 5Mb at a size of 3000x4000 which is just too big).

Jumpyspider 09 January 2013 21:43

Thanks Codetapper - Noticed you had a full set but they are not quite complete. I'm trying to put together pdfs of complete magazines (including adverts) exactly as they were 'back in the day' :). I'm a completist - Its a curse ;).

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