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7-Zark-7 11 October 2001 19:29

"Interviews" with former Amiga/C64 "greats" on EAB?
Just an idea out of the blue everyone, but somehting I thought worth airing for your views....at least something for the moderators to maybe consider??
Having previously asked about past developers & with the posting by some of their current locations/positions, maybe a Q&A session could be arranged with a past Amiga "Star" onto EAB as a special guest?

Maybe ahead of time a special post asking for questions could be listed & then when the guest programmer/developer etc. came on they could then answer??

Granted, I'm not underestimating it would be a challange to locate some of these past geniuses of the Amiga, but maybe with the likes of Bobic's BTTR site & others who might have contacts amongst former members of the Amiga community, it would be a way for them to come on & discuss past memories etc.

Besides-maybe someone might track down John Twiddy & Akira's quest for Putty Squad would be complete!! :p

Seriously though, what does everyone think??

CodyJarrett 11 October 2001 19:32

We are planning to create an Amiga magazine to go with the Amiga database on abime.net, so this is sort of thing we will do.

RCK 11 October 2001 20:31

Many plans, not enough time :cool
But all this good things will come, you have to wait...

7-Zark-7 12 October 2001 13:10

No problems guys-can't wait for you to post some further info!!
Hope you win lotto-then you'd have stacks of free time!!:D

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