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Aladin 12 May 2018 15:22

Possible to add Rebel GW24
Rebel GW24 Solar System (1999 G Skowronski)



Category: RTS
Language: polish
Hardware: OCS/ECS

Minimum 512Ko Chip + 512 Ko Fast
Recommended: 68020 + 4Mo to view all animation

Link to download demo:

Link to download complete game: (amos source included) HDD (2011 freeware)

More information to the game in file "info" in the archive

Screenshot included in demo aminet:
https://www.amigafrance.com/wp-conte...f64soqbqt4.gif https://www.amigafrance.com/wp-conte...cf64m6jnyw.gif https://www.amigafrance.com/wp-conte...ih9s25a5u2.gif https://www.amigafrance.com/wp-conte...memybvb0hh.gif

https://www.amigafrance.com/wp-conte...tb7w9ok15h.gif https://www.amigafrance.com/wp-conte...09p1vrs3yz.gif https://www.amigafrance.com/wp-conte...osin7tf30l.gif

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