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Neil79 29 August 2017 20:59


Originally Posted by morcar (Post 1181106)
Love the ZX Spectrum and I really hope I do because I run Spectrum 4Ever on Facebook.

Show off :D

Neil79 30 August 2017 21:07

Terrapins - An excellent ZX Spectrum remake of an 80's coin op!


The last news of today and a damn good one at that, is this weeks release of the Arcade remake of ' Terrapins ', which was an original Arcade game in 1981 now colourfully playable on the ZX Spectrum by Highrise and developed using Arcade Game Designer. This lovely commercial game with a demo available as well, puts you in control as Mama Terrapin, who has to save her babies from the evil bugs that are scattered throughout a large eight storey building!

nogginthenog 30 August 2017 23:18

I've been out of the Speccy scene for quite some time. I think I heard Martijn no longer runs WOS?

Neil79 31 August 2017 23:58

SORCERESS 2: THE MYSTIC FOREST - ‎Andy McDermott's ZX Spectrum sequel is here!


It wasn't long ago we were talking about Andy McDermott's ZX Spectrum game ' SORCERESS ', which was developed using Arcade Game Designer and put you in control of a powerful sorceress who had to rescue her love from an evil necromancer. Well you'll be pleased to know if you enjoyed his previous game, he has now released the latest AGD ZX Spectrum developed sequel 'SORCERESS 2: THE MYSTIC FOREST'!

Neil79 01 September 2017 15:41

Gandalf - Lovely in dev ZX Spectrum platformer by cmgonzalez hits demo version 7


Throughout the upcoming months while the ZX-DEV Conversions competition is ongoing, we will be keeping an eye on the latest entries that have been submitted as conversions from other games from other platforms, from movies,cartoons, books and even comics! One such game we can't wait till it's finished and one that has advanced a lot since its first showing, is the Super Mario Bros inspired ZX Spectrum game Gandalf 'by cmgonzalez, that is now at demo version 7

Neil79 08 September 2017 02:09

InvAGDers Deluxe - ZX Spectrum Space Invaders for free if you buy Terrapins!


It was only just last month that I did a review of the Arcade remake of ' Terrapins ' on the ZX Spectrum by Highrise developed using Arcade Game Designer. A game by Allan Turvey, David Saphier and Craig Howard, featured high quality gameplay and a fantastic soundtrack that will be commercially released via Cronosoft in the next few weeks as its very own cassette. But what I didn't tell you as I found out recently, is you'll also be able to play a damn fine version of Space Invaders to go with it!

Neil79 18 September 2017 19:31

Gimmick! Yumetaro Odyssey - In dev ZX Spectrum title inspired by other classic games


Once such game that is known as ' Gimmick! Yumetaro Odyssey' by greenwebsevilla, really caught my eye, as not only is it based on the 1992 Famicom/NES game Gimmick! published by Sunsoft, but each level is inspired by other classic games such as Sonic, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania and more!

Pumpkin Poe - Jet Set Willy style ZX Spectrum fairy tale platformer (WIP)



Unlike the previous game we spoke about, this one is a work in progress platformer that's going to be in a similar style to that of Jet Set Willy but in a more child story vibe, so expect lots of colourful rooms, difficult enemies to jump over and items to collect.

Impossabubble - Dave Clarke shares his work in progress bubbling ZX Spectrum game



There's a lot of ZX Spectrum games to get through today and the next one to talk about, is Dave Clarke's rather nice in development arcade platformer ' Impossabubble ', which is being developed using Arcade Game Designer. Currently at an early stage of creation, Dave has shown off a number of animated screens in this new teaser video, although he does go on to mention it does need a title screen, loading screen, music and as always the final touches!

Neil79 01 October 2017 19:05

The Sword of Ianna - A new game launches on MSX and ZX Spectrum that will blow you aw


This year has been all out awesome for retro goodness, what with Argus coming out on the C64, unreleased games finding their way to the Amiga, and of course Speccy games doing the rounds. But if you have an MSX or yes a ZX Spectrum, you really should prepare yourselves to be amazed, as RetroWorks, the same team behind Vade Retro, The Charm, and Teodoro can't fly, has finally announced the release of one of the most anticipated of games 'The Sword of Ianna'

BarryB 02 October 2017 00:24

Robot 1 in... The Planet of Death
Now available to pre-order direct from Psytronik Software Robot 1 in... The Planet of Death :great


After teleporting off the SHIP OF DOOM just in time, Robot 1 now finds himself stranded on THE PLANET OF DEATH! Help him escape by exploring this new environment, discover what secrets it holds, interact with the local biologicals and try survive long enough to get a rescue message home.

This is the sequel to Robot 1 in... The Ship of Doom if you haven't played the first one!

rare_j 02 October 2017 04:29

Any tips for getting the +3 version of sword of ianna to load? I'm trying to get the side a\side b dsk files to load up in fuse but nothing starts. Other dsk files are working ok.

BarryB 02 October 2017 16:56


Originally Posted by rare_j (Post 1189097)
Any tips for getting the +3 version of sword of ianna to load? I'm trying to get the side a\side b dsk files to load up in fuse but nothing starts. Other dsk files are working ok.

Both disks work fine for me in Fuse for Windows. I dragged Side A into the Fuse window and it booted, then inserted Side B when asked and that loaded fine, so the images are OK. Must be something with your Drive A setup in Fuse, is it set to single-sided 40 Track and have you selected Spectrum +3 from the Machine > Select menu?

Neil79 02 October 2017 18:32

The Incredible Shrinking Professor - John Bylthe kicks it up a notch with another coo


That homebrew guru is at it again who we know as Rucksack Games aka John Blythe, as after previously releasing such games as The Darkness of Raven Wood, Foggys Quest, ORBITA and Circuitry, he's now moved on to a spiffy game called 'Peculiar Perplexing Perils Of Professor Poldark... The Incredible Shrinking Professor ', which is available for the ZX Spectrum 128k, ZX Spectrum 48k, ZX Spectrum VEGA and ULA Plus Edition.

Foebane 04 October 2017 12:56

Has anyone seen the ZX Spectrum Demoscene? There's some really cool stuff out there, made me change my opinion of the machine for good!

PortuguesePilot 04 October 2017 13:33


Originally Posted by Foebane (Post 1189613)
Has anyone seen the ZX Spectrum Demoscene! There's some really cool stuff out there, made me change my opinion of the machine for good!

Of course! As I've said here several times before: the Spectrum community is how I'd like the Amiga community to be. They're the benchmark of excellence to which I judge every other computer scene.

nogginthenog 04 October 2017 20:49

I'm a big fan of the annual comp.sys.sinclair crap games competitions!

Dunny 04 October 2017 22:26

I know, right? And yet when I had the audacity to mention that in the Outrun thread, I got my head bitten off.

If the Amiga scene could be even half as active (both for new hardware and new software) as the speccy scene then I'd be a very, very happy Dunny....

Neil79 05 October 2017 02:18

The Last Run - John Blythe teases a potential new ZX Spectrum game!


It's that name again John Blythe, creator of games such as The Darkness of Raven Wood, Foggys Quest, Circuitry, and his previous spiffy game called 'Peculiar Perplexing Perils Of Professor Poldark. But this time he's no longer going cute, as he has recently been teasing a new project he may or may not release in ' The Last Run '; a rather excellent looking action shooter. As in his words "our battalion is gone. Destroyed in the last airstrike from the enemy. You have one desperate, suicidal run at the enemy base. One last loony run. Make it count soldier! Make them pay soldier..."

Neil79 13 October 2017 18:03

Zukinox - A rather nice Cybernoid ZX Spectrum clone by Jaime Grilo


The ZX Spectrum scene has really been busy this week, what with the Benny Hill theme added to Benny Hill's Madcap Chase, Horace and The Robots announced, and a Zelda style game called Xelda shown off with new footage, but this time we are looking towards Jaime Grilo's Cybernoid clone of ' Zukinox ', which again is for the ZX Spectrum and released just yesterday!

Neil79 20 October 2017 03:23

RetroForce - A great ZX Spectrum homage to the StarForce/MegaForce arcade game


The ZX-Dev conversions compo is really hotting up now with some seriously cool looking entries such as Gandalf, Gimmick! Yumetaro Odyssey and even Baby Monkey Alba. But now as a rather special treat to every ZX Spectrum owner across the globe, Climacus & KgMcNeil 2017 have released RetroForce. In their words " a personal homage to every great vertical shoot-em-up game that we enjoyed playing as kids, but particularly, a homage to the StarForce/MegaForce arcade game "

ransom1122 20 October 2017 03:26

Cool. I just setup the ZX Spectrum emulator with retroarch on my Nvidia Shield. Can't wait to try them out.

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