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roberthazelby 24 October 2010 14:57

Attaching a A1200 PCMCIA CC Reset Fix Adaptor

Rummaging around through my box of Amiga spares, I noticed that I had one of these kicking around:


I'm in need of a reset switch on my Amiga tower, and this looks like it does the job.

The issue I'm having is clipping it to the Gayle chip. It doesn't seem to simply clip on. I'm worried about applying too much force, as I could break something?

Can I simply glue it on top, or will this cause issues?

I'm sure one of you lot have installed one of these. I just wondered how you did it.

Many thanks!

Jope 24 October 2010 15:29

You align the blunt corner of the socket with the blunt corner of the chip and press it down. All done.

Gluing is not necessary. I actually wouldn't recommend it at all.

Just double check that it is in the right orientation and push it in. It does need a bit of force.

8bitbubsy 24 October 2010 15:40

I have this adaptor from amigakit too, and all I can say is that it'll never ever sit on great.
I ended up sanding it and desoldering the transistor and moving it to the top, it still pops off all the time! Even on 2B and 1D.4 :mad

AmigaFun 24 October 2010 17:08

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Hi, I have one of these to. I had to file one corner down due to a SMD resister on the motherboard getting in the way. Just be carefull how much you file it down otherwise you will start to hit the pins on the socket. It then clipped on nicely.

Mad-Matt 24 October 2010 18:09

If ownd one of these for years, it needs a good solid push and youll hear it click/crack. Itll be on solid. I made sure mobo was on a flat surface before applying suitable pressure.

roberthazelby 24 October 2010 18:15

Cheers for your help, fellas.

I've had a few more attempts, but as you say, Matt, the mobo needs to be on a flat surface.

Think I'll leave the faffing until I get the Indivision put in (Amikit reckon they'll get their next batch in before Christmas).

Cheers for all your help!

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