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missyrelm 21 March 2008 05:44

Is there anyone who mods CD32's for RGB?
Hi, I really want to get an Amiga CD32, but I have a NTSC 60hz LCD HDTV.

Most of the games I want are on PAL, but I read that there is a mod that will allow the CD32 to output RGB. My tv has an RGB input in the back.

I read the mod and its pretty much over my head even though its considered an easy mod. Does anyone know of anyone or any website that offers this mod? I know about the attachments and the French CD32's, but I can't find any of them..

Thanks for any suggestions....

Hewitson 21 March 2008 12:41

Check out the end of this document: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/amiga/CD32-FAQ/part2/

It is very simple to do


missyrelm 21 March 2008 16:01

Thanks for replying, but I have read that mod in the FAQ, and as I said, while its considered a "simple" mod, its not something that I am going to be able to do....

So since it is a easy mod, I am hoping that someone will be willing to do it...


Originally Posted by Hewitson (Post 403160)
Check out the end of this document: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/amiga/CD32-FAQ/part2/

It is very simple to do


backtoskooldaze 23 March 2008 17:12

instead of a mod
why not buy an sx-1 or sx-32 they have rgb out ?

Zetr0 23 March 2008 20:19

there is a header for RGB out on the cd32 motherboard,

if you wanted to build your own its easy enough to do, with reasonable soldering skills.

coze 23 March 2008 22:23

please note that the interface you connect your CD32 to your TV doesn't have any relation to what signal it will produce. You still will get a PAL signal from the RGB output. Check if your tv supports PAL operation (50 Hz).

chaoticjelly 24 March 2008 13:23

I know a few guys that might do it. You could try Dean who has a website called Multi Mods http://www.multimods.com/, there is also Jeff Kurtz over at the Neo-Geo.com forums who is also skilled.

I can do it myself but your in the states, these people may be able to help you.

missyrelm 29 March 2008 00:21

Thanks chaoticjelly for the suggestions of people who might do it... I'll have to check with Dean, as just recently I bought a *beautiful* S-video modded Duo-R...

Thanks also to those suggesting that this might not work, of course I don't want to do this if it won't work...

My understanding from researching this heavily is that
even when using a NTSC CD32, when it plays PAL games it will switch to the PAL signal after the starting screen, and that it will output 50hz with both composite and S-video, but that RGB would work on any TV that allows for RGB input.
I got this from many sources, including the following

Unless I am misinterpreting it, the Amiga FAQ at
says that the only way to avoid the 50/60hz problem even when using the “mouse NTSC/PAL changing trick” is to either use a TV that takes both 50 and 50hz or to mod a CD32 to output RGB…

Am I misunderstanding this?

Here’s the quote:

“TVs/monitors connected to the CD32 through the French CD32's or SX-1's
or CD32x's or TP9's (see diagram at end of FAQ) RGB connector will also
work fine.

TVs/monitors connected to the CD32 through the composite or S-Video
outputs won't work though. The problem is that the PAL colour signal is
still sent at the NTSC frequency.”

My understanding is that using a NTSC CD32 will not fix this when playing PAL games,
Here is a quote on the subject:

Here is a quote from Akira on this board a few years ago:

“It goes well beyond that, some games will just not run when facing NTSC timing. It's not a matter of having your TV displaying PAL as well...

Besides, NTSC CD32s display 50Hz NTSC instead of real 50Hz PAL when playing in a "PAL mode". The color system is STIL NTSC. So you need a TV that supports 50Hz NTSC (not all of them do, I even had problems with professional projectors in demoparties)

I know, I have an NTSC A1200 and it's quite a bit incompatile with loads of shit.

I wouldn't purchase an NTSC CD32. It's not much extra money to get one from Europe. Let's keep in mind then you will need a TV that displays PAL or to conect the CD32 through RGB (needs modding)”.

If I am misunderstanding this information, please let me know....

Jope 29 March 2008 10:23

That is correct.. S-Video and composite always output the colour encoding that was set at the factory, and the vertical refresh that is dictated by the display mode set by your software.

RGB is just colour information + sync, it is not encoded like s-video/composite. Thus if your display device can sync to 50 and 60Hz, it will always be in colour.

So. on with the modding. 5-6 wires to be soldered..

Zetr0 29 March 2008 16:36

heres an image as to what the Aminet hack was on about.



there are mentions that the SVideo socket pulls down a fair bit on the circuit, and it may need to be removed for the RGB to look proper.

I have't tried this *yet* so, good luck... if you need any pins or anything... gimmie a shout :D

Fingerlickin_B 29 March 2008 18:41

A: I wish we had RGB/Scart here.

B: That electrolytic capacitor next to TP9 looks like its ready to go pop! :shocked


OddbOd 29 March 2008 20:51

All this sounds fine in theory, hell it should work but has anyone actually ever done this mod for real?

modrobert 22 September 2014 09:18


Originally Posted by OddbOd (Post 404790)
All this sounds fine in theory, hell it should work but has anyone actually ever done this mod for real?


This is a fully documented modification of an Amiga CD32. The owner of this console wanted to have RGB output at the back of the Amiga CD32 without making any new drill holes in the plastic casing at the back. The modification was done according to the owner's wish.
Along the way, I also noticed that two electrolytic capacitors were bad which is not strange considering they were mounted on the PCB with the wrong polarity. These capacitors obviously had to be replaced with new ones.

I also go through a lot of theory in this video in order to give my viewers an insight of my way of thinking when executing a modification like this one.
A modification can often be performed in several ways with similar result as it appears to the end user, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all these approaches are equally good from an electrical standpoint. This is something that also comes quite clear from this video.
Amiga CD32 - RGB output modification


voyager 22 September 2014 15:42

very nice tutorial very clear.

pandy71 23 September 2014 15:46

I've modded my CD32 for DB23 (Amiga video port) ages ago... however i hook signals to unused RGB buffered output on CXA1145 (yep, limited bandwidth but anyway looks OK on regular TV CRT even in SHIRES).

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